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The complex and unpredictable pattern of life had drawn me away from this site to follow my path and life journey as it unfolds before me. In ways that sometimes feel to have been predefined, or happening for a reason that I am yet to discover. An ever-changing, evolving process of growth and learning in my life experience and world.

One such understanding has surfaced, that brings with it a realisation, knowledge, and power that has been acquired over a period of almost 70 years. An age that does not feel real or that I can fully relate to, other than when pushing myself in physical activity.

The accumulation of my life experiences, lessons, and personal growth across every aspect of my being permit me to review and take stock of so much, not only of myself. This has given me clarity, confidence, inner strength, and a greater sense of purpose in life. In this third phase of our life where we are destined to find ourselves, a deeper understanding and direction to our existence. It fills me with a new perception of age and wisdom that has formed over many years, which I am blessed to enjoy.

Exceptional Voice

Recently, another piece of the puzzle fell into place that drives me to describe it here and share it with you all. I believe it is powerful and highlights the impacts and effects that we create on our journey, that remain embedded along the way long after we have passed on.

Putting things into perspective, this is the second time I have been drawn back to the site since discovering it some six years ago. The first time my journey drew me away was to allow me to fully find myself, while the second came about as a result of different energies in our world. This article will allow me to describe my sense of connection that was made six years ago on this website, with the wonderful community that exists here.

When we do something, and for whatever reason, we may not be aware of at the time, we create an effect and impact through our interaction with this world. Our thoughts, and or, actions are deemed to be the right thing at the right time. We do not make wrong choices ever at the moment. That something for me was finding and joining this community.

I can confidently state the impact of that moment in time when my actions and choices had begun to create much more than I could have ever known at that point. Some of my own creation and some that were graciously created by others. Both of which have become part of me and a part of this site and its community.

By being active here through making contact with others, we exchange our thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions and give them life in this virtual world, placing our energies into this community for all to freely interact with. In doing so, we each leave a part of ourselves here for the foreseeable future and within those that we touch through all that we do here.

Not only do we give something here, but we are also free to take from it in the same way, a transfer or exchange perhaps? An invisible network that we are all part of, one that defies time and distance, no matter who or where we are. A link that binds us all together in a commonality that is intrinsically part of each one of us.

This is the very thing that pulled me back here today, that woke me at 4 am in a manner that was impossible to ignore, prodding me to get out of bed and write this article.

The initial encounter with this site and community gave me great energy, that supported me at a time when it was greatly needed. A point when I had drawn back the curtains on my life and was trying to make sense of it all, a new world that I found myself in without a map and little idea of where I was really going. I only knew it was where I needed to be.

That energy continued to grow and developed within me, drawing me back to the site for a second time, after leaving to live the life for myself. I had returned stronger and clearer, with a new perspective and understanding that went on to produce a stream of articles and the launch of Live Sessions.

My life and interactions with the site and community had been moving in positive and powerful ways, and life felt good. Then a global event swept across the planet and changed everything. Its impact was far-reaching, introducing a number of issues that would affect my personal output and input to this community to force me to seek new ways for me to use my creativity in a good and useful way.

Since then, new connections have been made and I have been engaged in video work and reviving other skills that had fallen to the wayside through retirement. My natural desire to be creative remains at the hub, and able to be my creative self to continue with my sense of purpose in a fulfilling way. However, it appears that I have been unaware of something rooted deep within me that has recently risen to the surface to be acknowledged.

A cornerstone and beacon of light

This community is nothing less than a cornerstone and beacon of light that shines, in a world that to me seems like a lost child that has also lost its way. Dark forces, and what I can only describe as evil, are more visible than they ever before in my lifetime. At times it feels like the chaos and craziness have reached new peaks and we are heading towards the brink of our existence. I pull myself quickly from that thought by centering myself with my truth, love, inner strength, and connections that I have everywhere, to a place of calm and serenity that is who and what I am, without fear of death.

And then out of nowhere, this comes into my mind to provide a stabilising effect: Throughout all of this, I am able to return here with the knowledge and confidence that make it feel like going home to family. Somewhere there is always love with a warm and heartfelt welcome. A place where I am not judged or made to feel bad, wrong, or worthless, anything but the contrary!

The connections I had made here did not just remain within me, they have become part of me. Their presence is the reason I am writing this now so that others can learn what we give and take from this community. How we are connected to each other. Right now, the emotions underlying within move me close to tears as I write this.

The spirit, love, and compassion that we each bring, share, and receive, binds us all in a divine and beautiful way. There are no boundaries or barriers, and it is we that have created this powerful and amazing energy. Each one of us has played a part in this creation. And so I urge you to feel proud and accomplished to be a part of it. If only the world could learn from us here how to treat one another in such a beautiful and loving way

To finish, I wish to tell you that it brings me great happiness to share this with you so that you can know what we are able to achieve and create with such ease. The requirements are so simple and are the essence of what is so present here: love, compassion, and gratitude, which are fused with heartfelt emotions and demonstrated in our actions to create an amazing community.

En Femme Style


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Born in London, England and a life long journey incorporating two marriages and a long relationship that eventually brought me to France. My two children and all of my family are fine with my choice to finally be the person I have always been. I am a creative, artistic soul who loves good food,cooking and real friends. Will I ever fall in love, will someone fall in love with me and does it matter? I have the love of my family and some very good friends in my life

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leah diana
leah diana(@leahdiana)
11 months ago


1 year ago

What wonderfully endearing words. I have started later then you it seems, but much the same; this place immediately became a cornerstone for me. It is assuring to read of others that hold to like relationships. Your honesty and openness lets me know I did not need to abandon all hope entering here.

Joyce Mitchell
Joyce Mitchell(@joyceann)
1 year ago

Thank you Sophie for another great read. For many people, one of the most difficult things to do is to open up about one’s thoughts and emotions for fear of being degraded, belittled or ridiculed. Some people act like chickens. When one chicken has a feather with some discoloration on it, the rest of the flock will peck at the area until it becomes a gaping wound and the chicken dies from its injuries. We all understand that just because someone is different from the societal norm, some people can become quite vicious to a TG person. Just like the… Read more »

Shiloh Rose
Shiloh Rose(@farmgurl)
1 year ago

Thank you so much for your thoughts and heartfelt words. They hit dead center with how I felt this evening. And how I had been trying to reply to others post.
Peace and hope,
Shiloh Rose

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