Are you willing to feeel goood?

Are you willing to feeel goood?

In the past, I have used being authentic as an excuse for feeling dark n twisty.

I use the word authentic because there are so many labels used to describe and categorize and compartmentalize who we are or not. If we are to choose a label for anything, we first must set out the guidelines of what qualifies that anything as a good ‘fit’ for our category or compartment.

En Femme Style

I recall a visit to a friend’s home some time ago and although we had a truly wonderful visit, some comments were made that left me asking myself am I trans enough to be transgender, or am I a crossdresser, gender non-conforming? Just a side note, the label Trans is an umbrella term used to describe a wide range of rainbow tribe members in our society.

This is not about being trans though, it’s about labels, and how we choose to feel in any given moment.

Trans, gender different, fat, thin, tall, short, plumber, doctor and contractor are all labels we use for identification; oh, she’s an accountant or he’s a nurse.

Labels are tossed around and used every day on our tiny blue planet, and they are simply that, labels. Categories and compartments we set up to find a place where we feel like we ‘fit in’; labels are our way of feeling like we have belonging, but is that true authenticity?

Belonging is the feeling of being a part of something bigger than the self as I understand it, yet to conform or change oneself so that we fit into a label or group, then we are not being truly authentic.

True authenticity is the courage to stand alone while having a strong sense or knowing that we are a part of something much bigger.

The catch 22 here is that we often use labels to keep ourselves small and stuck. We become addicted to feeling powerless or like a victim. For the most of my life I have unwittingly used self-descriptive labels for this purpose.

This week, ponder this a bit and notice that really, everyone is unique and different, and to be truly happy and at peace on the inside we must let go of the labels and make a new choice. Any time we are trying to fit into a group, we must follow the group guidelines and therefore we lose some of our authentic self in the process of trying to fit in.

If we resist feeling goood, we are in fact choosing to feel miserable or to stay stuck; it is a choice. By choosing to belong to myself, I can joyfully support groups, but also sustain the natural authenticity that is me.

Are you willing to feel goood by dropping the labels, belonging to your self, and be seen by the world in your true authenticity? I am. . .

Thank you for reading Your Weekly Reset and thank you for being exactly who you are lovelies!


n huggles for you



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From a life of struggle, addiction and suicide attempts, to Published Author, Certified Life Coach/Certified Hypnotist and building an online support service for peeps like us. Intentionally and Consciously Creating a Rewarding, Abundant Life of Purpose, Passion & Possibility is what I Am all about...

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Haley Ann
Haley Ann(@cdhaley)
2 years ago

I just haven’t been here much, over on CDH every day. This week, I had my annual PCP appt, and I introduced him to Haley. He shared that they have a trans son, Chris (born Christine), and Chris and his wife Sara are raising their child and are still very happy together after his transition. He was very understanding and helpful and offered to be a resource should I wish to consider a transition.

Veronica Raines
Veronica Raines(@veronicaraines)
2 years ago

As one Hypnotist (Plus a Hypnotherapist ) and a beautiful person to another, I love the way you write.

Tom Parker
Tom Parker(@tparker)
2 years ago

Charee, Yes I want to feel goood! I’m with you regarding the dangers of labels and how we get shoved into one categoery or another, & lose a bit of ourselves. We seem to be living in an either/or society – either liberal or conservative, democrat or republican, straight or queer, Padres or Giants (ha, ha), and more and more “either" won’t talk to “or" and so the whole shebang breaks down. We don’t talk, we don’t understand each other, we don’t laugh together becasue if we did, heaven forfend, we’d see each other’s humanity and before you know it… Read more »

Haley Ann
Haley Ann(@cdhaley)
2 years ago

Oh my gosh! This is all very familiar to me, having kind of arrived at a very similar point on my very different journey! I have a very good and trusted female friend, my ally, my best girlfriend. We have known each other for years, used to work together, her and her former husband used to help us when we entertained at our home, just good people. She said if she had to pick a letter, she’d just choose Q, One day over a beer and a 😎, she tearfully admitted to me what I had always suspected, that gender… Read more »

Haley Ann
Haley Ann(@cdhaley)
2 years ago
Reply to  Charee

That is an awesome name! I could have never considered having “the conversation” with GA (like the state!) until I began to understand more about myself. But Special K and I have shared so much about self-acceptance being key, and it has helped me to develop a new perspective about accepting myself and coming out to others.

Glad you have that luxury of an understanding partner, guess I will not know until I ask!


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