Body Energy/Voltage and Illness

Trained as an ophthalmologist, Dr. Tennant transitioned into natural health because of being forced to solve his own health challenges. After doing laser eye surgery on a patient with leukemia, Tennant ended up developing encephalitis. He believes the virus, which is not killed by laser, traveled from the patient’s cornea, through the mask, up through his nose into his brain. It forced him to quit work in November 1995, and he spent the next seven years bedridden, without hope for recovery.

He realized the need to get his self well because no one else was going to do it. “I had the idea that if I could figure out how to make one cell work, I could make them all work because although they look different, they really all have the same component parts. They just have different software. I began to read cellular biology books … One of the things that resonated with me was that … cells must run at a pH between 7.35 and 7.45. I didn’t really know what that meant, except it was something about acid-base balance.”

He tried to understand pH and realized that pH is the name given to voltage in a liquid. If you think about the voltage that runs electric lights or a computer, that’s called conductive electricity. That means electrons are moving along copper wires. But in a liquid, you have a different situation. A liquid can either be an electron donor or an electron stealer. By convention, if the liquid … is an electron stealer, you put a plus sign in front of the voltage. If it’s an electron donor, you put a minus sign in front of it. You take a sophisticated voltmeter called a pH meter and put it in the liquid. It will actually read out in voltage.

En Femme Style

Healing Requires Double the Voltage

A pH meter can give you a reading of either pH or millivolts. It’s actually easier to understand what’s going on if you use millivolts. A pH of 7.35 equates to -20 millivolts of electron donor. A pH of 7.45 is -25 millivolts of electron donor. Cells are designed to run in an environment of -20 to -25 millivolts. People get confused because if you measure across a cell membrane you get about minus 90 millivolts. But the environment is designed to be -20 to -25 millivolts. This is a critical piece of understanding that cells need an environment of -50 millivolts. In other words, you need double the normal voltage to repair or replace damaged cells. “Understanding that my brain didn’t have enough voltage to work correctly, that was really what started me on the journey of trying to figure out how to get things to work again.”

Body Electric — The Human Battery System

There are four major battery systems in the human body that make cells work. The largest is your muscle battery. Your muscles are piezoelectric, which means that when you engage your muscles, electrons are emitted. In a way, your muscles act like rechargeable batteries, so while they emit electrons, they also store them. To recharge the “battery pack” in your muscles, all you need to do is move and exercise.

1. Muscle battery pack — Your muscles are stacked one on top of the other in a specific order (much like batteries in a flashlight) to form a power pack. Each organ has its own battery pack, which is a stack of muscle batteries. Together, the muscle stack and the surrounding fascia serve as the wiring system for your body, carrying the voltage from the muscle battery inside, out through the fascia and to the appropriate organ.

2. Cell membrane capacitor — Cell membranes are composed of fats called phospholipids, shaped like a circle with two “legs.” The circle is an electron conductor, and the legs are insulators. They’re stacked together so that you have two conductors separated by an insulator, which is the very definition of a capacitor.

3. ADP/ATP battery — Inside each cell is yet another rechargeable battery system called adenosine diphosphate/adenosine triphosphate (ADP/ATP). When this battery is charged up, it’s called ATP. When the battery’s discharged, it’s called ADP. Because it’s a rechargeable battery system, there’s a type of battery charger inside of the cell as well.   When sufficient oxygen is available, for every unit of fatty acid you put into the citric acid cycle, you get enough electrons to charge up to 38 ATP batteries. If oxygen is unavailable, for every unit of fatty acids you put into the citric acid cycle you only get enough electrons to charge up two of those batteries hence, when oxygen drops, this ADP/ATP battery system becomes very inefficient. “It’s like a car that goes from 38 miles a gallon to 2 miles a gallon.

4. The DNA battery — Lastly, there’s DNA. The DNA molecule measures 34 by 21 angstroms per double helix cycle. The ratio of these numbers is very close to phi and is known as the golden section or golden mean. “Anytime you have something that’s a golden mean and expose it to scalar energy … scalar energy implodes into the center and becomes the power supply for DNA or what is called “Structured Water” This is a whole additional component that also plays an important role in health and disease. In summary, the way you recharge this structured water is through sunlight. Here, a number of factors can come into play. Among the most important are:

• Thyroid hormones — The thyroid hormone T3 controls the voltage of cell membranes while T2 controls the voltage of the mitochondria. Hence, you need adequate T3 and T2 for things to work. What I found is that basic to all chronic diseases is that you have to make sure you get the thyroid piece right, because if you don’t, then nothing else tends to work correctly.

• Dental infections — As mentioned, voltage runs from the muscle battery out through the fascia to the organs. On the way, each muscle battery pack or meridian runs through a specific tooth.

• Scars — Scars can significantly inhibit or drain voltage. To treat scars, Tennant uses essential oils combined with his proprietary Biomodulator/Bio transducer. “Just put the Bio transducer over [the scar] until you feel the magnetic fields go away. That opens up the scar and now the voltage goes through it,” he says. “It takes about three minutes and works great.”

Emotions Create Distorted Magnetic Fields That Lower Voltage

Another really important factor that lowers your body voltage are stuck, negative emotions. Your body actually stores emotions as magnetic fields. If you put a magnetic field in one of the body’s circuits, it simply blocks the flow of electrons. You can identify these emotional magnetic fields in a variety of different ways.

Work by Eileen Mckusick and others has shown we’re all surrounded by this magnetic field. It goes out about 5 feet. The Chinese call this Qi (key) … You can take a tuning fork; strike it and you’ll hear it hum. As you move it through the field, when it hits one of these areas of emotional distortion, its pitch goes deeper. You can actually hear it. If you can put a pendulum right where you find it, you’ll see the pendulum spin counterclockwise if there’s an emotional distortion there. It spins clockwise if there isn’t.


The Chinese have known of this energy/voltage for centuries. Being a student of Qi Gong, [Qi meaning energy, and Gong meaning work], I have learned that the information in this article is very true. The human brain, which is respectively called “The Void” can direct energy to pain and wounds if the person is capable of both deep meditations, and the willingness to want to learn the technique of moving this energy around. The medical professionals of the rest of the world didn’t know about this energy until the turn of the 20th century, as doctors learned by studying why voltage restarts the heart and that Potassium and Sodium are key.

Think about this for a second, if you will. When a person is admitted into the emergency room at any hospital, the medical professionals set up an I.V. bag with saline solution, usually 5%-7% saline, as it is easiest to deplete through blood loss. Or, if a person is getting leg cramps or also called “Charlie Horses” in the largest muscles in the human body, they are told to eat more bananas or drink some Gatorade which are both loaded with Potassium and is also why athletes drink it while resting. Good health and the body’s ability to move better are directly related to this voltage/energy.



*** Portions of this article are attributed to Miriya Paris. She wrote the original article entitled “Qi Gong, Yoga, and the Transgender Woman.” This appeared on TGH  #34230 

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Ms. Tia Tracy

Hey girls ! My name is Tia. I was born Intersex but I am now a post-op transsexual female as I was operated 6/Feb/21. 4 years of HRT and 5 years here at TGH. I am now here to help as many assisted me through my journey. I am the Assistant manager, and the Veteran's Ambassador here to assist any Vets to work the system for benefits.. Drop me a line or catch me in chat as I am always here to help as well as make new friends Huggz Tia

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Active Member
15 days ago

Hi Tia, I feel the need to leave a comment here as a result of certain early comments on your article. Having published a number of articles here, I am familiar with submitting some that may be considered as controversial. The overall theme I try to infuse in them, is that we can all be affected by many things that we are subjected to, and or choose to invite into our lives. While your article covers an interesting point, it wasn’t a great read for me personally. I do however, respect your motives and right to discus this, or any… Read more »

Last edited 15 days ago by SophieFR
Kelly Blind
19 days ago

I will say it was an interesting read….as well as the comments!

Thanks for sharing.

Hugs, Kelly

Miriya Paris
Miriya Paris(@miriyaparis)
22 days ago

Hello everybody, Tia especially. I know your article has been a long time in the making, I also know the article restraints you are publishing under here (hence I do not submit articles here). I did very much enjoy this one as it is close to my heart as I have been studying the subject for the past four decades. Of course I always want more information and you brought up several ideas I had not considered (Ie. The four areas to store energy based on organs.). You know me I will explore them for sure. Thanks for writing, it… Read more »

24 days ago

What is this sciencey-sounding nonsense doing here? What has it got to do with living our lives as trans while under attack by the far right and the corporate media every day?

“the information in this article is very true”. No. It’s misleading quackery. I note that the article provides no references to peer-reviewed studies in reputable journals such as The Lancet. Why not? Probably because there aren’t any. What next on this site: the miracles of homeopathy in curing cancer? Shame on you, Ms Tracy, for attempting to foist this on the readers.

Michelle Lawson
Active Member
Michelle Lawson(@michellelarsen1)
24 days ago
Reply to  Rebecca

Rebecca, I’m a bit taken aback. While one may not ascribe to the premise of the Article, none the less, many, many people do. But given the centuries old Asian medicine and the natural health arena, what is in this Article holds a lot of merit. I would not label what someone understands, or believes, as nonsense or quackery. One could cite many studies, while quite reputable at the time they were released, have been debunked. Cocaine was prescribed for children’s toothaches, asbestos was a ‘magic mineral’, ‘lead helps guard your health, the list goes on. And I suspect it… Read more »

23 days ago

Certainly we must always be learning… while testing the information against reality. So-called ‘natural medicine’ is rarely available here on the NHS. Why? Because the government’s publicly accountable and transparent testing organisation – the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence – has thoroughly examined the medicinal and health claims of its profit-making proponents and found them lacking, indeed usually completely unsubstantiated. Whether it’s homeopathy, Reiki, colonic irrigation or the voltage/energy silliness for which healing claims are misleadingly made in the above piece, any knowledgeable reader will realise they should be ignored. They do not work. They waste foolish people’s… Read more »

Miriya Paris
Miriya Paris(@miriyaparis)
22 days ago
Reply to  Rebecca

Hello Rebecca, I am so happy you have replied, all press is good press so they say, like Kardashian wearing Monroe’s dress, it makes people excited about the topic. Every time I log into Transgender Heaven I see a little message on the home page tag “Live your authentic life”, I am so sure those four little words, so simple to write and say mean a billion different things to a billion different humans around the world, it is endless to define. Just like the crazy right wing politicians who want to take those four little words away form us,… Read more »

Miss Cloé
Active Member
Miss Cloé(@cloe-anne-webb)
27 days ago

I need a tiny Fluke meter. Interesting stuff, Tia. Now to find one of those bio-transducers for my scars.

23 days ago
Reply to  Miss Cloé

Don’t waste your money on fakery. Such devices have no healing properties whatsoever. Consult your GP; that costs nothing at all.

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