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It’s time to follow up on my article about breast growth and help you dress them up and make you more like the female you feel. This article presents the tips and tricks you need.

First off, let’s get you into a bra that actually fits. Female breasts are like a teardrop and males are like a Nike checkmark. This can cause bras designed for CIS women to dig and pinch us to no end. If it weren’t for the wonder garment we call a bra, that allows my breasts to appear as good as they look, they would appear far different.

A bra is a deceptive garment that was made functional, not the other way around. We wear one to look and feel normal. Women from the renaissance period through today will use a corset, (a girdle attached to a bra) designed specifically to push body fluids away from the waist down to the hips and upwards to the bust in order to attract a mate. Bras are what they are ladies and finding the correct one for yourself can be very difficult. Remember this, “No two bras are the same no matter what you pay for them” and “No two breasts are the same no matter how you look at them.”

En Femme Style

You may find yourself choosing a bra for an occasion, event, work or play. There is a bra for all to be comfy and supported. The underwire bra shapes and funnels the breast into the cup while wireless is comfier but can act similar to an underwire bra if it has a preformed cup. A preformed cup bra is used mostly for augmented breasts or by younger women with well-defined breasts to fill them. There is a full enclosure (no cleavage) and semi-enclosed (lots of cleavage.) There are T-shirt bras—they are incredibly comfortable but will show areola/nipple contour through a thin top or dress. You might look for a pushup bra with a frontal lace-up adjustment, strapless for certain dresses, and even maternity bras. The list goes on, but getting familiar with what will work for you is key.

Starting off simple, you might wonder if an MtF should wear any sort of training bra, or one while sleeping? In my research, I played it safe. What worked for me as I developed was wearing a snug tank top (razorback) one size smaller to keep them close to my body. It was comfy to sleep in as well. Razorbacks are the best, but I also had many tight shirts I cut off at the midsection and tanks I used to keep them snug and situated.

You should start with measurement. Take a measuring tape and pull it around your back so that you hold both ends of the tape in front of you. Work the tape level around your body, and while it’s tight, place your back against the wall to prevent the tape from moving. Measure under your breasts first. This is your underbust measurement. Without moving from the wall, bring the tape up and measure firmly around your breasts. This is your overbust. Take the difference from the under and overbust measurement and convert the difference in number to the corresponding letter in the alphabet, i.e., 2-B, 3-C, 4-D and so forth. Use the underbust measurement and letter to purchase a semi enclosure underwire bra. DO NOT buy a preformed cup. It won’t work right and don’t fret about the cup size either, as you’re about to make the cup smaller but wider as you adjust it.


Take the suggested bra (semi enclosure/underwire bra) and gradually straighten the underwire from the arms’ ends to approximately halfway across the bottom, forming a checkmark (like your muscle shape). You should notice that as you bend the wire straighter, the cup flattens out. Keep adjusting until it fits comfortably. The bra should fit comfortably and snugly. You should be able to situate the underbust strap while it’s on, and the shoulder straps should not cause the bra to pull up over your breasts when you raise your arms above your head.

Note: (Author is not responsible for the behavior of others after doing this next step.)

If you want cleavage, try this trick with your new bra.

1) Flip/pull the bra up over your breasts and under your chin.
2) Message some Cocoa Butter or equivalent into your breasts When it is still tacky, pull your bra down over your breasts and situate them in the bra so they’re even.
3) Pull the right side of the bra down under your arm with your right hand and hold it while pulling the side of your right breast forward with your left hand. Since your breasts are tacky from the Cocoa Butter, they should stay in place. Repeat on the left side and viola, instant cleavage. Remember to toss your pepper spray into your purse, just in case.

Next is function and look (in that order). Some garments will work esthetically with this setup, others will not. I don’t recommend this type of bra to play sports or jog with, and why would you wish to hide the cleavage you worked hard to achieve with a turtleneck?

There is another technique to attain a better look and often a better fit. I learned this while developing and getting fat from estradiol. As I gained weight, my bra fit better in front, but it was too tight around my body. I used extender straps until gaining 4 inches of extension and the bra wore out. I received a gift from a girlfriend who knew my measurements. It was the bra that was to fit me according to my measurements. Guess what, it didn’t fit nearly as well as the one with the smaller underbust strap.

After researching this a bit more, I learned that most high-dollar bras incorporate this idea by sending you a smaller bra with the extender. Smaller bras have the cups sewn closer together. Newer versions now lace up the front to adjust to be both supportive and comfortable, therefore eliminating the Clasp/extender in the back. If a normal bra isn’t fitting correctly, this modification may work for you.

Add Ons

There are so many products marketed for females. Here are a few that will help you achieve what you’re looking for.

Razor clips/strap stabilizers prevent your bra straps from slipping down your arms. Usually isn’t a problem with women that have a D-cup or bigger because of the weight pulling down keeps the straps dug into your body. For those starting their journey, they are a god-send. The straps have an E-clip that can also be used for the front of the bra to pull the cups together for a bit more cleavage.

Breast tape. This option is self-explanatory, I suggest the silicone style. Tape is just that, TAPE. Eventually, it must be removed. The silicone holds well as long as you don’t perspire a lot or get caught in the rain, and it can easily be removed.

There are padded pushup bras, many have been designed for women who already have a B/C cup. There must be enough excess to form the cleavage. Some bras come with silicone inserts for this method of enhancement.

I could go on and on about how to finagle a bra to suit me, but not specifically to you. This article is a basis for you to play with. There is no failure here, even if you destroy the bra. You know your body better than anyone. Take this opportunity to make things better than they normally might be. I constantly hoard bra straps from old bras to experiment with. Bras don’t have to be pretty; your shirt is a wonder for hiding stitching and even safety pins. Make yourself proud of the body (you do not yet have), so you are ready when the change occurs.

I hope this helps. It’s been an awesome part of my journey, and so is passing on my creations and ideas for you to use. I have included two web pages for bra hacks in case you girls wish to get creative.

Huggz Tia

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Ms. Tia Tracy

Hey girls ! My name is Tia. I was born Intersex but I am now a post-op transsexual female as I was operated 6/Feb/21. 4 years of HRT and 5 years here at TGH. I am now here to help as many assisted me through my journey. I am the Assistant manager, and the Veteran's Ambassador here to assist any Vets to work the system for benefits.. Drop me a line or catch me in chat as I am always here to help as well as make new friends Huggz Tia

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1 year ago

So wish you were here when I went clothes shopping Tia, Have yet to find a bra that fits me. Even tried some of the websites that tell you how to measure . Sighs but hugs

1 year ago

Hi girls , I found that Victoria Secret has the best fitting bras for me ! I absolutely love how they fit and feel ,and look! There’s my 2 cents! 😉

1 year ago
Reply to  Tia Tracy

I have been dressing for about a year

DeeAnn Hopings
Active Member
DeeAnn Hopings(@flatlander48)
1 year ago


One point that I don’t think got covered is this:

My understanding of a good fitting bra is that it is intended to rest on the sternum between the cups. This helps with definition. I believe the only exception to this is sports bras.

Marg Produe
Active Member
Marg Produe(@margprodue)
1 year ago

Thanks for the nice informative article Tia. I am just thrilled when find a good fitting and fashionable bra. Then I usually buy several since they almost always discontinue the line or change the material in a year or two. It reminds me of car models LOL ! Safe Journey, Marg

Michelle Lawson
Active Member
Michelle Lawson(@michellelarsen1)
1 year ago

Tia, outstanding work. Nothing like a good article to help remove the ‘mystique’ out of that mysterious bra. Hugs, Michelle

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