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Articles are now shown in the forums

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We just launched an update to give more exposure to articles by showing them in the forums as well.
All published articles are now shown as a forum topic in the Articles forum:
  • When a member article is published it will be cross-posted to the forums
  • Topics in the articles forum will not become articles
  • Members are not able to post new topics in the articles forum, only reply to existing topics.
  • Comments on articles will be posted as replies on the forum topic
  • Replies in the forum topic will be posted as comments on the article
I know some folks enjoying staying in the forums, this will give them an opportunity to see and interact with articles right on the forums!
Some folks may receive a few extra notifications from older content they shared. You can safely delete these.
With ❤️ from the Transgender Heaven team
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Wonderful News Vanessa , thanks for making this happen 

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Hi Vanessa,

I like the new format. It will take a bit of getting used too, but it seems like there is a lot of that in the life of we who are trans.



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@charlenev ❤️ thanks dear.


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