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Natural, just is; no fad of thought required…

Definition (existing in or formed by nature, as opposed to artificially created)

We can decorate and adorn our bodies as much or as little as we like, much like a Christmas tree or décor in a room, and we don't need justifications for our choices about how we decorate it.

Who we are Naturally is intrinsic, it comes from within and is not right, wrong, good or bad whether judged by those who are participating in a fad of thought or not.

So, what is a Fad? A temporary fashion, notion, manner of conduct etc, especially one followed enthusiastically by a group!

When we think of time in terms of decades, or even millennia, a fad of thought could last several thousand years. Even this is but a blink of time compared to eternity…ponder that!

Who controls a fad? We do!

When I first landed here in this tiny prairie town with a population of about 100, I wore a big cowboy hat or ball cap, men’s wrangler jeans and western shirts with riding boots. In 1999 I had been participating in crossdressing again after a nasty divorce in Alberta; that’s another story.

I fought the urges to dress, purged closets and drawers again and again, as many of us have. And now, twenty years later, I glance back over my shoulder to the days of closed curtains and freeze mode when the door bell would ring. I've left the anxieties and fears that were immobilizing back then and fast forwarded on to today.

What has become blatantly clear to me today is that this desire to decorate my body in a beautiful feminine fashion has been trying to emerge from within me since I could chew solid food. It’s Natural!

I have wrestled with a million questions from, "Am I gay" to "Am I trans, fluid, or what?" So many labels and each one has a set of rules or constructs that must be followed to fit into that specific box. And then, they call themselves “Normal” and others, outside the box, must therefore be abnormal, (or so we are led to believe.)

Groups of people gather together in belief that the box they are in is the “right” box. Everyone outside that box must therefore be “wrong,” and that is the lie we have been taught through the generations of time. A fad of thought is simply all it is, and we are changing it!

Every day, if we post one thing online, share one story, show up authentically in one situation, we are changing the world. We are changing the fad of thought, and one day, people will walk the streets of our small towns and big cities dressed as they choose, and the only comments will be, “Wow, you have great hair!”

It’s natural to compliment someone. It’s natural to want to express yourself freely. It’s natural to be exactly who you are created to be!

It is Super- Natural, to create change in the world, and that is simply done by showing up in the world, unashamed and confident that you are created exactly as intended.  Please repeat this several times each day. “I Am . . .Amazing!”

You are Super-Natural by nature! Because you are here right now, being a part of changing the world, the fads of thought, and even laws, are being affected for the generations to come and the next millennia.

Thank you for reading Your Weekly Reset; this week, remember who you are Naturally. You are an amazing creation full of life, and you are beautiful!


n huggles



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