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What a beautiful story. I’m glad that your transition is moving along more smoothly than expected. I, too am in the opening stages of transitioning and very lost in the Pink Fog at the moment, but when you finally like the face looking back at you in the mirror it makes the change all the more welcome and relevant. I also live in a conservative town and my family is not too keen on the idea but at age 50 they really don’t have a say. I’m weary of having to mansquerade as someone I’m not which could be attributed to gender/social dysphoria and certainly does not help with depression and anxiety. I feel that if all goes well I may finally be able to express my true self and hopefully find happiness. I hope all of you find It, too.
Much love!

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Thank you Carly, I'm just 3 months into transition. 62 soon to be 63. Thing I have going against me is being 6'2". So I'm sweating when I have start socially transitioning. Your an inspiration.

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