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Give up the habit of being critical and make your life a much more enjoyable place to be.

Give up the habit of being critical. When you do, you will learn to love yourself and others unconditionally. The greatest thing I have come to understand is that every one of us wants the same thing; to feel loved and to give love.

Being critical of yourself starts the internal creation of a critical mindset in all areas of your life; judging, comparing, and assessing one thing “against” the other.

Being caught up in the drama of the earthly trappings can make us crazy, but remembering that we are a part of a deathless source serves to remind us that everything here on this planet is simply playtime.

I am practicing my thinking of our earth as being a big human day care. Around us are all the imaginable kind and different people, each in their own ways, and in that life, expressing themselves. Each thing is a perfect expression of what it is.

You and I are perfect expressions of whom and what we are, regardless of the judgments of others. They too, are perfect expressions of who and what they are regardless of our judgments. There really isn’t any us or they though because we are all perfect expressions of the one that life is, as it lives on this planet.

I cannot say that my mind is void of self-criticisms and self-doubts. I do find, however, that as I practice just noticing those types of thoughts in my own mind, and then consciously and intentionally choosing to speak a new thought several times, and out loud if possible, that the mindset-container of self-criticism and judgment has become noticeably smaller.

I can feel my confidence expanding from inside of me as I simply practice the skill of feeling and acting confident. I sit quiet every day, for a few minutes, and imagine how I want to be, as if it is already true. This past week in the local grocery store, as my amazing wife and I were shopping, several locals and staff of the store approached us randomly just to chat and visit.

I was so comfortable in my skin that I totally forgot that I was dressed, perfumed, and decorated with makeup and jewelry and wearing breast prosthesis. I was Char completely unguarded in the middle of a bustling shopping center to the degree of unconscious competence; Mastery of simply “being” there.

There are four stages of understanding; unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence and unconscious competence or mastery.

What a ride it has been to travel from unconscious incompetence through the four stages to this place of self-creating. Practicing, giving up the habit of being critical and judgmental of myself and others has given me unexpected surprises. Giving up using criticism has freed up and emancipated a deep feeling of belonging, acceptance, and welcome for me that is not being generated from the people around me.

By trading acting critical, for acting confident, I have grown confidence and certainty from within.

From acting certain, I have generated certainty, and by appearing as if I am accepting of all differences, I have become more accepting. This in turn is reflected in others acceptance of me everywhere I go.

By giving up the habit of criticizing and judging, I have opened myself up to so many wonderful feelings and experiences, and that my friends, was a Reset for me! Ping!!

Thanks for reading Your Weekly Reset and thank you for being exactly who you are!




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