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Is the Past in the Past?

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The year is 2019. I recently moved in with my mother and my stepfather, for a couple of reasons, one being that my girlfriend had broken up with me and she said living together wasn't working anymore. We tried but it was to no avail.

I had a phone call to mama about my situation and we thought it might be good to visit and work out an agreement where I could stay with her for a period of time. My mother had spoken to her husband and agreed for me to move in with them as they needed help with managing things around the house.

I've been here for a week or so now and I've been pumping out construction work with my stepfather as he is building a laundry for my mother. The idea was to make it level with the back deck as they are getting older and it would be easier for my mother to walk into a laundry without having to go down stairs.

So today I woke up feeling nervous but also happy. Nervous because my stepfather judges everyone, but happy because my uncle and his wife are coming to visit. It's been about five years or so since I've seen my uncle. I guess you could say I was looking forward to it but a little unsure myself as it had been so long.

The weather was cool and fresh, getting warmer as the day went on. When they had arrived they had turned up with fresh baked goods and cakes from the local bakery. Mama had made coffee and tea for everyone and we had cut the cakes for all to share during the visit.

As we sat there discussing different topics and family members I noticed that my stepfather was and is at his happiest whilst he was talking about the work he'd had done to the house. And talking as if he had done it all. No mention of me or my help until my uncle had asked what I had been doing and what was going on in my life.

I had noticed this happening a lot over the week and a bit since I've been here. I tried to let this go over my head and continue without upsetting everyone. Then the judgement towards random people and myself kept going, the weight was becoming too much to carry. So I would speak up when I felt he was passing judgement, and he would justify his behavior with an β€œalright, whatever, I don't care” attitude.

This is when I realized it's always been this way, ever since I was young, ever since my mother had been with him. This is the kind of man he is and it has taking me this long to realize it. But being the sixth child of seven it took me a long time to realize a lot of things. I always had to just be quiet and do what I was told. I couldn't do this any more.

I am now 41 and for the past year I have been going to counseling; it all started with the loss of my aunty/godmother. She had lost her battle to cancer and I took this really hard as she was a big part of my life. She was there for the birth of my son. Her death brought up a lot of forgotten memories for me. Time to deal.

So in my therapy sessions it was like opening that big dark scary cupboard. Once I did my whole life had fallen out on top of me. This was ugly and scary all at once, but also heavy on my heart. I had no choice; I had to start unpacking the memories of my childhood whether I liked it or not. I didn't have much shelf space.

My sessions started, my therapist seemed nice and genuine, only this didn't stop the anxiety I was feeling or the constant sweating of my palms and the shaking of my leg. This was every session for the first two months; it wasn't my therapist in case you're thinking that, just the horrid feelings that came with the memories. Physically I couldn't sit still.

I cried loud, I paced to the point where I would sweat, then I would come to a stop and start throwing a stress ball at the wall with my left hand. Just throwing and catching repeatedly. Bounce catch, bounce catch, bounce catch, then I would switch a hundred and eighty degrees and abuse that wall the same. My therapist takes notes. My trauma time frame is uncertain, as is the history. I have a vague understanding of what had happened. My time spent trying to piece together the memories and the gaps. If any of you know this feeling, its one of frustration and anger. Knowing someone had harmed me, but not knowing who to blame or eventually forgive.

My behavior as a child reflected my trauma, and being in such a large family it was easily hidden. My response to my suffering was to freeze, mentally and physically. My therapist says this is a typical response for a child. A child looks to the adult for security, not abuse and when this trust is broken, it leaves a sense of self blame and hatred. Definite confusion, which is dangerously unfair.

As I open up all of these old wounds time slows to glacial speed. Memories are still blurred. I practice the search of my newly formed pathways with triggers in every direction. How could I map this out, how could I trek the labyrinth in the safest possible way? I ask myself this over and over.

Twelve months on I am coming up to 42 years; my confusion is clearing, sometimes revealing. I have a better understanding now of who I am but still working on where I am going. I am transgender FTM, and in three days time I will receive my first shot of testosterone. My heart is racing; I can't stop smiling, I can now embrace the man I am.

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Thanks for sharing your story Chase and congratulations in taking those big steps to be the real you.
Hugs Cami xx

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Thank you cami

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~It Took A Lot To Share,
And IDK If That Encouraged Along
The Path You're On Today, To Gift
Yourself With Your Own Security...

~I Try To Analyze My Own Self, Thinking
"Was It All The Attempts On Me" When I
Was A Child, etc.etc. Only Because Our
Natural Curiosity To Wan't Answers!

~Surely When You Were Young You Said:
If I Were Only Older, etc. And When I Grow
Up, etc.etc.
~But Because You're A Good Person These
Things Did Not Manifest Into Your Life...
And On The Brighter Side, Take A Look At
Who Is The One Effected By Your Experience-
That's Right,,,, You, And Probably Only You,
And The Monster Has Never Changed And
Will Never Attempt/Try To Learn How To
Change, But Forbid You Do Something To
Him,,, Because Whomever Isn't The One
On The Receiving End Of That Relentless
Horror, So Of Course That Person Doesn't
Wan't It To Be Remembered, And If You
Put All Kinds Of Sincere Energy Into Trying
To Procure Some Sort Of Apology, The Most
That You Can Get Is A Repeated Shallow
Apology That You Can Actually Feel Is Just
Not Sufficient Or Even Slightly Effective-
Leading You To Believe That Your Whole
Effort Was In Vain... So To Say,,,
~So Realistically, The Best Thing That You
Can Do Is Come To This Realization, And
Truly Know That You're The One In Control
Of Your Hurt And Feelings Now, And You're
The Only One Effected By The Actions, So
You're Not Gonna Let Someone Have That
Power, And Force Over You, They Can't Have
That Anymore, Your Stepping Over Them
Now, Moving Beyond, Leaving Them Behind
In Their Choice To Be A Bad Person, And To
Fail Themselves, Because If They Don't Wanna
Come Up, You Can't Carry Them...
~We Can Never Change People That Don't
Have That True, Honest, Open, Exposed Love
Inside, To Wan't To Change Themselves...
~The Only Thing We Will Do Is Get Caught Up,
With Tires Spinning, Just Wearing Themselves
To The Ground, Trying To Get Someone Else
To Try And Think Like Us, And Learn How To

~Just Please Know, It Didn't Take 1 Year For
You To Become Messed Up, And Then Learn
To Block It All Out... It Took Years!

~So Time Is What Has To Pass And In Order
To Unwind All That You Have Been Through,
And Courageously Endured, You Have To Pass
By It All Over Again, (In A Sense) In Reverse!!!

~So Put These Things Forward, And Keep The
Supporting Things Upfront,,, The Bad Stuff
You Know Where It Belongs, And Who Is The
One Effected By It The Most...

~The One Most Important Thing Is That You
Made The Right Choice, You Took An Action
Towards Healing, And Recovery, By Stepping

So You Can Be A Blessing
To Others,,, So Stay Who

~We All Walk Alone, But
Together We Are STRONG!

~ πŸ’‘

~Lot's Of LOVE For You,



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This made me tear up I never heard anything like this. I can't describe how your words made me feel 😪

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Hello Chase
My name is Jesse and I transitioned over 30 yrs ago. I’m FTM and would be happy to be a resource for your journey. When I began my transition there was no internet or groups online to connect with. I had to navigate through it by going underground. Fortunately we have all sorts of connections now and I try to pass on my experiences. Drop me a line if you want.

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Hi Jesse thank for reaching out that would be great, I'm at the beginning of my journey still haven't started hormones it so frustrating. Would be interested in chatting with you and find out how it was for you. It must have been so different back then

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Let me start out by saying that I'm a country bumpkin as well. My past has included two farms, not huge just workable. My last place was a working horse farm. I taught horseback riding for ADULTS...lessons for kids were available also. And too many years ago to count I was a mounted trail guide in the state parks of Oregon. I've raised my own food, and put homegrown beef into my freezer.

I remember the rush of that first T injection...on my real birthday in 1986...Sometimes trans folks will have another "unofficial" birthday on the date they begin HRT, but I decided to maintain my history in real time. What I mean by that is... I didn't want to recreate myself as so many of us have to. Back when I began this journey, recreating our history was almost mandatory because we still had to be underground. In the 80's there were no anti discrimination laws or hate crime mandates.

A lot of things were different back when I began. And I must say that these days- it's almost too easy.
I work in a medical clinic that serves the majority of the LGBT community and specifically the trans community. Over the years I've met people that have wanted to transition for a variety of reasons. One person I met wanted to start T because they wanted to have sex with... anyone!!... they didn't care who that someone was, they just wanted to have sex. I don't believe this is a real good reason to start down the road to transition. There were a few who were running from the law....again, not a real good reason. I've also met folks that changed their minds after certain medical conditions were addressed.
These reasons and a whole lot more, are why some of the differences have actually muddied the waters, in my opinion.

Feel free to ask questions, I live for a lively debate. And remember to be good to yourself along the way.

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I too, 1st transitioned in the 80's. Barbaric times, way back when. Seeked counselling, as did i find it. Took some time, in doing so. But got lucky, or so i thought. A Dr. Richard Murray was a plastic surgeon here in town, as did he perform SRS. So the journey began. I was 19 or 20, when after a year of counseling n living under "The Harry Benjamin Standard's of Care". Brutal, can't imagine any other way to describe it. But both my therapists, the good Dr, as well as the 1st medical board, i stood in front of. Were really amazing and so down to earth. My first medical board, was 13 Dr's, for which each asked a question, regarding my transitioning. Of which i had to live, work,play n sleep in girl world, or my desired sex, B4 being able to be prescribed Premarin. I miss them all so very much. As was the Dr a compassionate n caring Person. He was loosing his license, for other reasons. But wanted to make me his last surgery. As did he hire or retain 4 other doctors to make it work. I politely passed, from other girl's telling or asking me to wait, till surgery got better. Looking back. It was a regret in my life. Woulda, shoulda, coulda kind of thing.


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