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The Toilet Fire

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That is a very moving and rather heart wrenching story, however you have survived and you've found this site so you must be making progress.
Thank you for sharing such an intimate story of your life with us too.

Back in mid 2022 by random chance I was with a beautiful young woman who was still deeply grieving the loss of a good friend exactly one year earlier. This trans person took their own life mostly due to her family not being able to accept them as a trans person.
This woman whom I'd never met before held onto me for dear life as tell me the story, and her story too in between bouts desperate crying.
For me this was a deeply moving experience. The loss of such a person was terrible and ripples will be felt by everyone in this person's life for so many years hence, forever most likely.

We do not choose to be like this, somewhere on the trans spectrum, and so many wish they weren't as you put it well. If this is your calling it is the way your are no matter what anyone else says.

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So weโ€™ll said weโ€™re all on this journey together in some way or another I love all of you donโ€™t ever give up

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Wow I know hurt one feels when loved ones are lost. I really liked your response. It came to family. I was one of 2 boys who grew up with a violent father and detached mother. I wanted nothing more than to be a girl since I was four and I involved myself with more feminine activities. There was another family in the area and the boys in that family were bullies. The guy my age was gay and we went steady for 5 years. We remained in touch all these years, he recently died. My father told all my relatives I was gay, I found this out at my cousins wedding, I was destroyed. I fought my femininity then I was determined to show the world I was a real guy, but I hd no idea what that was like only what I was told. Here I am supposed to be this cute guy but in reality was a cute loving woman . It took about 5 years after high school, I was again tortured by being drafted. That's another story I am about to speak to VA Dr's about my sexual assault experiences while in the navy later this month. I have been doing this issue since June. I now live as a woman and I am very pleased with my life, I have no problems being transgender, I have no problem dating guys who like transgender women like me.

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This is one of the first stories you shared when we first met here on TGH. I think the first time you mentioned pieces of this story I thought, damn, this gal is interesting and hilarious! I was NOT wrong. 🫶

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Kaiya, thanks for sharing this history of yourself. I admire your courage to keep pressing on and moving forward.

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