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Hi Winter (nice name! Have you heard of Westerly Windina, former Aussie pro surfer, now a drop-dead gorgeous bikini babe - - also a groovy name. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. I'm sure you're not a coward - this is a long and torturous road we're on and strength comes in all different guises. Count your blessings! (By your profile pic, I can see you're a most handsome woman and obviously pass easily - which is always thrilling). You have an understanding wife - mine wasn't; she divorced me, the bitch, after catching me all dressed up. I think she knew I looked way better as a woman than she did. I've since had beautiful girlfriends (I bet they didn't know I was a promiscuous lesbian lol) and enjoy the occasional company of a call girl or BDSM mistress - lots of fun there just don't get busted by your nearest and dearest! Circumstances are what they are so don't let the world get you down - the world can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. No regrets, don't look back in anguish: women of our generation always had it a lot worse than our pretty young trans-daughters. It's no alter ego/other persona thing, either. You're a true woman despite what you have between your legs. Yes you are obviously blessed with wisdom and a kind personality so let that be your bulwark against society's BS. Stay strong, revel in your NEW persona, and fly that blue, white and pink banner with pride (not so much the blue bit - boys aren't welcome around here!) So no tears: come and sit on Jayne's lap for a cuddle and a kiss. Take care now.

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