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Your Weekly Reset

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Welcome to a new, experimental feature of Crossdresser Heaven and Transgender Heaven.

Your Weekly Reset will be appearing on both sites each Sunday morning. We will endeavor to bring you inspiration, motivation, and a new way of looking at the struggles and the triumphs of our lives.

As individuals who identify as transgender, as a crossdresser, or anywhere along the gender spectrum - we are all part of a struggle to overcome how others want to perceive us versus how we perceive ourselves and who we know ourselves to be. Even if we are still on a journey to discover who we are when it comes to our gender identity, the struggles are familiar to us all: rejection, isolation, mockery - abuse takes many forms and it's all part of our experience on one level or another. How do we cope with this? How do we find some measure of acceptance and comfort when so much seems stacked against us?

We'll be looking at a variety of different ways to approach our struggles and setbacks, drawing from a wealth of philosophical, psychological, and spiritual knowledge that is out there. We will try to think "outside the box" rather than offer the usual canned advice.

Your Daily Reset is a collaborative effort by a number of members to try to help ease the journey, especially for those of us who feel most isolated and vulnerable. What resources are out there to help me? What kind of groups might be available to help me? How can I think differently about what I'm struggling with? How do I cope?

Life can be overwhelming, especially when you look into the future or consider all the things you must do and contend with in this life. One way of lessening the stress and anxiety of that whole big picture is to break it down into chunks. "One day at a time," is how many approach making changes in their life. Your Weekly Reset seeks to take our journey one week at a time.

In addition to the "life stuff" that everyone is dealing with, things can be especially overwhelming for those who "deviate from the norm," which is where we find ourselves. If you sought out Crossdresser Heaven and/or Transgender Heaven, you did so because you deviate from the expected norms of society. On the most basic level, society wants you to "put on a pair of pants and be a man," and the reverse is true for our members born biologically female who identify on some level as male. This makes life more challenging. We all know the reasons why.

Each week can be thought of as a chance to reset for the new week. Think of each week as a new campaign, a new adventure, and even if last week was horrible and soul crushing, this week can start fresh.

All members are welcome to submit to this feature, but we will have a specific format that we adhere to. We also welcome all comments, as well as dialogue between members, below each weekly posting. We intend to start and continue dialogue amongst members in our quest to help make the journey more successful and rewarding for all of us, and hopefully a little less difficult.

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Excellent my Captain!!!!! I think perception of ourselves and of society is our biggest and toughest hurdle. Things are changing in this world and our fight is not going to get any easier.


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To all my Sisters..............Merry Christmas and Joy and Happiness in the New Year. If any of you are alone or feeling depressed over the holiday season.....I am available to talk and assist in anyway. [email protected]

Living pretty close to the North Pole....I won't be travelling during the holidays. door is always come in, set a spell and let's message, I am close to Santa but don't visit very often.......cannot stand that HO Ho Ho, gets on my nerves...big time, and those stinky reindeer....pooping on my lawn......ggggrrrrr!

Sister Dame Veronica


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