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Getting some girl grounding

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I need some "girl grounding."
"Girl grounding?" you wuery.Y

Yep, just needing to be around some who like myself have the inexplicable need to express their feminine self while being wrapped and immersed in (to whatever degree) masculinity.

To be accepted by some who without doubt or judgment say, "Oh hi Charrie," without a second thought or hesitation because to them I am Charlene, Charrie to my friends, provides me "girl grounding."

My therapist has provided such grounding during the last 4 weeks. How empowering it is to be greeted with an enthusiastic, "Hi Charrie, how are you doing today?" How satisfying it was to have her helping me, Charrie, caring about me, Charrie, saying good bye to me Charrie.

I didn't write any cheery Christmas greetings as many of you did, because honestly the holiday does not provide much to be cheery about for me. The reason is simple, being my male self just does cheer me too much (read, at all) and at this point as in every holiday season for the last 68 years I participate as Jxxxx.Β 

My this is sounding more and more negative. No need for that. So here's the positive.

My therapy has been wonderful. This is probably one of the reason Christmas was so frustrating. Therapy has increased my confidence that understanding myself as trans is OK and thus the the desire to present as a woman is a natural outgrowth of who I am by design. My responsibility is to figure out how to live in that wonderful balance between being feminine enough to meet my needs as the woman I am while being masculine enough to meet the needs of so many that I love.Β 

You know, I knew that all along, but now in my therapist I have found an ally who is saying, "Charrie you can do this. Here let me help you do it successfully."

So yes with that hope in mind, I can see 2024 being "Charrie's year" of growth as a woman.
Thank you all for listening and therein helping me get my "girl grounding" to start my day and weekendΒ 
Hugs and happy new year
Charlene Victoria aka Charrie to my friends.

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Thank you for sharing Charrie. I hope your therapy continues to be helpful and healing into the new year.


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Yes indeed, Charrie, you got this. You can do this. I too have a wonderful therapist that challenges me, corrects me and helps me. Amazing how much I've progressed over the past year with her help. I know you'll progress well this year with your therapist help.


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Hi Kathy & Patricia, thank you for the encouragement.Β 

This may sound weird, but just addressing me by my name, Charrie, is so helpful.Β  To be amongst others, even virtually, who simply accept me as the woman I am is soooo encouraging.

Again thank you dear sisters.



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Hi Β Charrie,

A lovely accounting of where you are today!

Thank you Charrie for sharing with us.


Terri AnneΒ 


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