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Good experience being trans in NHS hospital

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  Smile I was recently briefly hospitalised overnight with a nasty bout of dizziness and vomiting here in north-east England. From start to end I was treated by all staff with courtesy and dignity; no-one misgendered me or made snarky comments, despite my far from pristine appearance. I've read stories of terrible mistreatment by medical staff in other countries, particularly in the USA, and this was my first experience in hospital since I came out 24/7. It seems that for NHS staff it's no big deal to treat trans people rightly, it's part of being a medical professional. So kudos to the National Health Service and a big raspberry to the politicians destroying it. 

What are other people's experiences of hospitals?

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@airlane1979 Hi Rebecca I have had a similar experience they could not have been kinder and more understanding.

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Frankly Rebecca, I have never encountered any push-back, from anyone in the medical community since I became 'me'. From waking up after surgery and hearing the nurses referring to 'Michelle' as they went about their business when I was in recovery, to the wonderful greeting and 'so what's up girl' I get from my doctor's nurse when I go for checkups. Obviously, everyone's mileage will vary. But is that really a systemic medical issue, or more a personal issue with the individual? You can find good (mostly) and you can find bad (the ones you always see in the news) in any profession, anywhere you go. That is just the way people are; and we just have to navigate through it all.


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