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Goodbye Lynn Conway, You changed many of our lives but you will live forever in our circuits!

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I was quite distressed to read that one of my great super heroes had died in Michigan on June 9, 2024.  While I had never met her personally, she helped me twice over.  First, She Co-Authored the "Introduction to VLSI Systems" in 1980  that gave many of us the tools to be serious players in the modern computer age.  Many of us enjoyed great careers and great incomes as a result of Lynn's work.  Secondly, I learned from her Stealth Living as I struggled  to accept my Intersex Body many years ago.  Lynn was a transgendered pioneer who generously and quietly shared her struggles and successes with those of us who needed to learn.  Her life was exciting, rewarding and fun and she shared it with anyone who was interested enough to follow her.  I know that many here on TGH have made their living in the computer world.  So perhaps Lynn inspired or helped you also and you maybe would like to share your story too.  Marg

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Yep, she was one helluva a woman. And it appears she touched many here at TGH as well. She has been mentioned in two other Forum posts I know of 'Sometimes There Is Recognition And Closure...' and 'Transitioning while working' and a mention in our GigabyteTechies Group here at TGH. An outstanding and remarkable woman to be sure. The world lost something with her passing, but her memory will live on and be an inspiration to us all. Hugs

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I so agree and am sad to hear she has passed. Long ago when I was working to figure out myself her webpage provide so much help and encouragement. She helped me understand I wasn't crazy and provided so much encouragement through her transexual women success story pages.

I am so glad for all the help dhe gave me long before Vanessa started CDH or TDH.



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