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I woke up today reflective and confessional.

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It breaks my heart when I notice that one of the girls I have interacted with disappears from the site. Even though I understand her reasons, it still hurts me in some way. I blame the discrimination and hostility of the world. I am no stranger to fear; although, like I said, I'm getting close to the point where I don't give a damn what anyone thinks or says about me. Life is unique, I am unrepeatable and I have the right and duty to enjoy it.

Your sister,

Gisela Claudine

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@firefly There is a progression that occurs when a transgender woman comes out. There is a distinct need for peer support and advice initially. Once you reach the point where you feel you are comfortable with where you are at many girls disassociate from the groups. Some stay on to provide support to others (yours truely) and others take a more active role in rights protection and advocacy. I must say, and this is not meant to be a criticism of anyone, Girls that pass well, tend to disassociate sooner from my observations.

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Gisela, you are so right. I am me, and I will live my life, as it is intended. You can be a part of my journey, or not, that is completely up to you. If you politely decline, then I understand, and there will be no hard feelings. However, trying to get in my way, or forestall my progress, would not be a course of action I would recommend you take, for it will not turn out as you may have planned. To paraphrase something a great person once said, 'you can lead me, walk with me, or get out of my way'..... Hugs

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Usually when a member leaves it's for various reasons. It could be family pressures, friends, or even society that causes us to question our journey. So you might take a pause for a bit to figure things out. Every person has their own path they take. All we can do is give them kindness and support to help them while they are here. 


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