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Increased Fear of Being Myself

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I totally understand where you’re coming from I make it a point to always look my best when out and about  many women dress so drab  it kinda bugs me they don’t appreciate how they look. I’m not talking going glam. Just look nice for crying out loud!   Thanks you always have interesting takes and are so articulate. Hugs to you 

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Looking at what's going on especially in the USA (sorry) and the UK from a different angle than being a transgender woman set on my ways. We are really doomed if we think we can just sit back and let activism try and safe us. Just the concept of activism alone are killing us by removing our freedom to be who we are. Then we have the Dyllan Mulvanies? Those type of media circus we can do without as they are making a mockery of us as transgender people. Youtube is riddled with people trying to take on media etc.  like Pierce Morgan without having any substantial evidence to back up a  compelling argument and gets pushed over. As I wrote in my newest article, we need to step back and reassess what is going on and who claims to fight for us. There are just too many idiots out there using us as pawns to get the attention they desire for themselves. No wonder our family in the USA are getting doors slammed in their faces when all they want, is free to be who they are and live as they want too. Drawing unwanted attention is never a good thing. We need to look in the mirror and "reboot" who we are, what we want and where we want to go without relying on clowns to talk for us. They are failing us miserably. I don't associate with people like that, but I fight for my sisters and brothers in a different type of activism. Face to face and in a civilised way and I can see things happen because I am not a pushover and I take no crap from nobody, but I do my thing in a civilised and respectfull manner. Just my thoughts and not written to cause or start arguments on any level.

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