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My brothers have been good to me

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My 3 older brothers have been good to me through the years.Me,they saw there was something very different about me growing up.They found their true selves and I was still figuring this out getting no where.They did see I did experiment with crossdressing at times going out with my female friends.Then at age 24,they were glad I did finally come out as transgender.Supported me through my transition knowing they were going to get a much happier sister that replaced a brother that was struggling.They did and see me like any normal sister although I decided not to have the GRS at age 26.They understand about me,we watched the documentary Transtasia together and saw their stories were almost like mine.We have a great bond as well.

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@haileyrenee That has gotten to have made your burden so much lighter. It just seems that sibling sisters seem to have an easier time than sibling brothers. So, they are a blessing in my book. Hugs

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I’m glad to hear they support you so much and wanted you to be happierΒ 

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Β That is great to hear Hailey! So many folks struggle and suffer with non acceptance from family and you are so fortunate.

Β Amy

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Hello Hailey,

So nice to hear of your experinces. Never take them for granted.

They are rare asΒ  families go.

God Bless,

Terri Anne

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It’s nice to hear the great support you have gotten, you go girl ! ToniΒ 

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Wow, you are one fortunate girl to have anyone, who understands and accepts you.

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That's fantastic! It's always great to have supportive family especially with all the anti-trans laws they are trying to pass right now.


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