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Greetings All,
Kimberly ShawΒ  has joined us as our newest Hospitality Crew member. As the newest member of our TGH staff, Kimberly will be helping us out by greeting new members, outreach to ones that may need a bit of help and encouragement, helping us on the staff to keep the site a safe, supportive, & inclusive place for us all, and she will be out and about in chat and maybe in the Forums and Groups. So, when you see her, say Hi. Please Welcome
her aboard.
On behalf of the staff, Thank You Kimberly.
Terri Anne
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Welcome too the group Kimberly and congratulationsΒ 

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Great news Terri! Hey Kimberly I always felt you would be a great addition to the 'crew' congratulations and welcome aboard sis!


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Thanks Alex,Β 

It's nice to be part of something here and I'll do my best to make everyone feel welcomedΒ 

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Congratulations, Kimberly.


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