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Pedicure treatment is just heavenly.

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Hi All,

I'm late to this topic.Β  My 1st time Mani Pedi was in 2016.Β  It was so dreamy. I felt so femm and special. I was dressed for the 1st time in public as well.

It was a wonderfull experiance.

I'm hooked, my 1st remark was..." So this is what the girls have been hiding from us ?"


Terri Anne

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@terria67 lol, my thoughts during my first was, this is just like going to the barbershop, except girl talk instead of guy talk. I remember a big smile confirming my love of an all girl chat room live!

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I tried a pedicure once , could not stand having my toes touch , made it very difficult for her with all that laughing I was doing nut it is a nice refreshing felling which really pic's a girl up !


Alexis Looking At You Β 

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I always enjoy in it. It started as a need for medical pedi. But now I'm just enjoying in it. The other heaven is facial care. Girls have many things to vent. 😆 Big Love Eyes Β 

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