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UK transphobic politicians debate us

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As many British trans people know, the government has been considering, for a very long time, whether to ban conversion therapy and if that ban would protect trans people. The latest debate (if that's what to call it) between MPs in London's Westminster Hall was on 6th December. It enabled trans-hating, right-wing bigots to spread the standard falsehoods about young trans people and gender-affirming care, along with some pushback from SNP and Labour members. The transcription can be read here.

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Yes it's become a trendy right wing trope to class us a threat. 

Notably some of the most obviously bigoted contributors are from the Democratic Unionist Party from the North of Ireland. There's nothing surprising about this because religious and other bigotry is their stock in trade. 

Their contributions are nonsense of course. They support conversion therapy because it's  largely practiced by fundamentalist Christians like them. 

They don't want their insular  little statelet on the island of Ireland to be dragged out of the 17th century.

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We live in a time where our politicians all sing from the same hymn sheet, no new policies or original thought, so pick on a subject that too few people know much about and spread hate and fear.  

We mustn't fall into the gutter with them. We must educate remain visible and show them for what they are.


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