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The other day we were talking. Ever since coming out to my wife I dress and am Mia when at home. She has started quilting a lot over the past year as well. She’s very good. I encourage her as much as possible and never refuse her wants or needs for her hobby. So this is part of a conversation we had.

My wife: ”I have such a passion for quilting and I’m so greatful that you allow me to purchase what I need”

My reply: “Mia has no problems with that at all. I guess Mia has a passion for lingerie!”

My wife: 

        I am still wishing for, but no longer expecting her to reciprocate. Oh well. 

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Oh Mia, this is so encouraging. I rejoice that you all can carry on conversation like 2 woman. So cool.

I read your bio. Again encouraging as I look to find my way to a more public presentation of myself.




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