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Hello everyone,

I’m wanting to get my first wig. Any suggestions on the best type and or best place to get one?




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Hi Michelle.

Amazon offers many varieties. I buy there online and til now I am satisfied. I looked at many for several days before deciding. Not that I've had that many.


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Hi Michelle,  I'm an intersex person and am out and open.  I have long blonde hair that I usually wear in a ponytail but it is not as beautiful or passible as when I wear a wig.  My beautician was the first person to suggest that I might look better with a wig and she actually had a few on hand and made suggestions as to what type might fit my face the best.   I purchased one from her and then she styled it (cut and shaped it to fit my face) and it was perfect.  Since then I've purchased others on my own, sometimes at wig shops and sometimes online.  You might try a wig shop and just explain that you are looking for a look that would fit your face.  That way you can try several styles on to get an idea about what look you might like to end up with.  There are online programs that allow you to place wigs on your picture and the Paula Young and Voguewigs Catalogs always have tons of styles for you to browse.  I have about 10 wigs now and do tend to favor just 4 of them when I'm thinking of going out to a really big event like a dinner dance.  Just like buying a car, it takes a while until you finally recognize what you really like.  Most of my wigs are synthetic and are easy to care for.  They range in price from $25 to $240 with the one that I use most being about $75.  My article on TGH called Swimsuit Perfection shows me with my natural hair while my public photo entitled Mirrors and Bars shows me in a wig.  If you happen to attend a large convention like Atlanta Comfort or Keystone (even if only for a day) you will most likely have the opportunity to visit several wig vendors and to talk to many participants who will have much first hand info to share with you.  I hope this info helps you.  Marg 

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Amazon or Temu have some decent wigs that are very affordable so you can try a few and see what looks best on you.

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I, too, am considering a wig.  I want to try to first learn what is a good hair style for a woman my age (60's).  What would I consider an attractive hair style for a mature TG woman like me?  Over time, I will explore, consider, and try to picture this wig or that wig on me.  Same thing with makeup.

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I suggest going to a trans friendly saloon they will help you get the perfect wig to complete your look.


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