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Hello, My name is Anthony,

I would like to welcome you to TGH. If your reading this your please take a moment to thank this post.

I am one of the founding members of TGH. But I have to disclose that I am Jasmine Marie.

When TGH went live, I had a vision that I wanted to bring transgender masculinefeminine people together in one place so that we can learn from each other and help each other. TGH is a companion site for CrossdresserHeaven or CDH, a dominantly  Femme site. It appears TGH is also a dominantly Femme site also. I would like to even the numbers eventually. To do this I must learn what Tran Masculine members need to find a home here at TGH. And this is where I need your feedback.

At this time, we provide:

If you wish to help me with my Vision please contact me or Lord Keith

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Just thinking out loud…

In the 7+ years since I came out, I have known, or know, several trans men. Of the 5, only 1 is actively in the trans community and another to a small extent. What I’ve seen here seems to be a pretty small percentage compared to trans women. However, the statistics I seen shows roughly a 50/50 split in the trans population.

Given this background, I was surprised to see how the split works out here. What’s the current thinking as to why this is? From what I’ve seen in my community is that the percentage of passable trans men seems to be higher than trans women. The only thing that come to mind for me is perhaps trans men don’t have as much need for camaraderie and support.

The primary question that I would ask is what do you think we trans women could do to support the goal?

While I do acknowledge trans men when they join the site, there isn’t much that I can offer in terms of discussing affirmation surgeries, hormone therapies, binders, etc. On the other hand, I believe the coming out process isn’t really that much different between the groups and because of that, I will share thoughts, offer suggestions and things to think about.

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It's possible that when trans men/trans masculine people find this site they might think it's for trans women. Partially due to the mostly feminine adds and high ratio of trans women here.


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