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Rach from Miami💐, Rest in Power

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I am sorry to report that Rachel from Miami passed away today from complications of a heart attack at the age of 49.ย  She was married to her husband for 2 years, who she often credited with saving her life.ย  She lived in Coral Gabels, a suburb of Miami and was dear friend to many in the area.ย  She briefly ran a social media site for the transgender community.

She owned her own business that she had to give up with transition.ย  She recently worked as a court reporter in the Miami area.

I considered her an extremely good friend.ย  She often made me feel calm, which is rare for me, since I am a very anxious person.ย  I didn't have to explain myself.ย  She always joked that she would sit with me at the "cool kids table." She loved a baseball player in uniform.

Rest in Power

ย Love you Rachel, from your friend Ms. Snap

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I hope in the next life we will meet again. Born in the right bodie, and into a place much better then what this life offered youย  I hope where ever you are your soul is loved and cherished, I hope there is an equivalent to happy hour and you get to hang with the artists you liked. You made me laugh allot and you told the nicest things. I guess goodbye and Safe travels sister

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It's difficult to loose such a valuable member of our team.ย 

We get shaken and shocked because we can't replace such a good friend, confidante, heroine,that helped to give us all some of the courage to be ourselves. She helped me to be a better person and will be missed by all whom were lucky enough to have known her.ย 

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Thank you Rach for being such a good friend. Love you. You gave me confidence in myself i never knew i could have.


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She wasย  more like a sister too me we would text all the time we would see each other in person when we could if one was down we would cheer the other one up SHE WILL BE GREATLY MISSED but she is now in peace and getting too hang with her mother in heavenย 

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I have never been good at this kind of thing, and I always left it to someone else while I held it inside. But instead I rely on this, as I am unable to....

The Celebration Of Your Life - Jodi Daly

We are here to celebrate your life
And the measure of its worth
And every single life you touched
While you were on this earth.
We wish to pay our last respects.
That's why we are all here,
To thank you for your friendship
And all the memories we hold dear.
It's been a privilege to have known you.
We were family, not just friends,
And we will carry you in spirit
Until we meet up once again.

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Such a shock, I saw something on the chat today about someone passing Kaiya...but I didn't realise it was that Rachel!
Yes I enjoyed her input in the chats, especially her tales of courtroom reporting...which she said were pretty minor cases. Lovely woman...a sad loss.

Bye Rachel
Alex x

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Bye Rachel you will be missed srry you had to go love you rest in peaceย 

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I was shocked when I heard about Rach's passing away yesterday. I met Rachel Cynthia on Cdh for the first time. She was always someone fun to chat with. Then later on when I joined here, I was so afraid I wouldn't fit in. Then Rach signs on chat, I'm like omg there's Rachel. A familiar face and a no nonsense attitude that I truly missed. She always said I'm no good with advice and she's no role model. But she was such a kind caring person. She will never know how she effected my life. At a time of doubt or just not having the courage to do something. I always thought what would Rach do? So many memories and stories to reminisce about.ย 

You will be truly missedย 



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Thank you Kaiya for posting this.ย  I always admired Rachel and now will miss her and her posts.ย  I will try to pay forward some of the good things that she shared with us.ย  Margย ย 

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