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Having trouble coming out as trans.

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Yes, I'm still having trouble coming out as trans girl. I can shop for girls clothes, I managed to overcome my fear of that. But getting dressed and going out in public still scares me. I was hoping the HRT I'm on 4 months now. Will help me to find the courage. After all my breasts are beginning to bud, and I have some tissue growth. I was thinking another few months and my boobs will become a little to big to hide. And wearing a bra will somehow force me out of the closet. ?????

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hi, relax, everyone has a hard time taking this step. We need to be determined. And let me tell you, we don't really have an audience in this world, and when we go out and feel like someone else is watching us, we're all the same. No one will always pay attention to you, no one will always stare at you, everyone is a quick glance, will not take it to heart. So what we can do is to be bold and wear what we like. You only live once after all, don't let yourself regret.

If you feel really embarrassed, then you can exercise yourself. In the beginning, you wear women's clothes at home, walk around the house, go to every corner of the house. Then you can get used to it and go for a walk in the yard and around the neighborhood. Slowly expand the area you're walking in. This step can take a while, but trust me, it works. When you can walk naturally on the road, then you will be successful. Finally, it's about walking around, shopping, traveling, going anywhere.

One step at a time. I'm sure you can do it.

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Hi Jennifer
There is a lot to consider, as it's said, once you come out...there is no undoing it. It may be you have some issues in your life that you need to resolve first. Practical problems: work, family, friends. Your life is going to change from the first time you walk out en femme. It is your choice, always your choice. I know one girl who went 4 years before even admitting she was trans.
Get everything in place if you can. If you are going to need laser/'s a good idea to start early in your transition for practical reasons.
In short, 4 months or 4 doesn't will know when you are ready to take that first journey in the world, dressed as a woman. And what a moment it is lol.

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Hi Jennifer,

As Alex has said, you will know when it is time. If a person is truly trans, they reach a point in their life where there is no longer any choice but to venture out into that big world and let everyone see who they truly are. It is after taking that huge step, that you will truly feel that you, as a woman, have been set free!


Ms. Lauren M

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Not to worry. Donโ€™t overthink it. You will come out fully when you realize you have to, not because you want to.

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We all go at our pace to what we are comfortable with . No need to rush , it is not a race after all . As you get more comfortable with yourself the confidence will grow and that fear will slowly go away . Just keep being yourself , the rest will come



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