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Hey, I need some help.

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I don’t know how this works, like I thought it was a chat of people I could speak with for a quick second but it had me create a whole account. Im here on behalf of my boyfriend to ask ftm men if they’ve ever experienced friction blisters from their binder. He’s 24, and has never had a problem with it before. I told him he might have to buy a new one since he’s been using the same one forever, and his weight fluctuates. He seemed very upset when I said that, so I decided to stop guessing on what it could be and ask someone who knows. It’s like a clear pocket of liquid and he popped it but it won’t stop coming out and it’s been 2 days and another one appeared. Does he need a binder break or something? Is it not friction blisters? Idk if people can reply on here so if not can you message my non personal instagram?  @ softbiddies

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@sensava I didn't use a binder, but rather a men's slimming undershirt and a men's gyno vest. That being said, I still got a rash eventually and had to let it dry out a bit with some calamine lotion. I don't remember stopping it's use, but it might be different with a binder due to greater pressure on the skin. I suggest using a bandage, at least, to reduce skin damage during removal.

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@sensava The reason that you have to create an account is that it helps to keep people out who shouldn’t be here. Some attempt to join in order to create disruption. Others are looking for sex and all manner of things that we do not support. The idea is to create a safe place where trans people and their relatives/friends/allies can freely discuss what’s important to them, their concerns, experiences, next steps, etc. A little inconvenience is the price to be paid in order to help make this a safe place.

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First and most important is to get to some help as like Urgent care.. or at leaset First Aid.

Then, stop wearing the binder. Until the skin is healed!

I am not a health care person but this

is how and what I would due for blisters.

Terri Anne


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