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T1 - Pre HRT - Nothing to see here

T2 - Within 6 weeks of starting HRT - Breast area becomes tender and the formation of “buds,” under the nipple commences. If you squeeze your breast area with your finger tips the tissue under the nipple feels denser.
It’s common for each breast to grow at different rates. The areola starts to expand.

T3 - Time varies from 6 months to two years - Breasts tissue starts to expand beyond the margin of the areolas. The areola also increase in size and may change colour and Montgomery glands form within the areola. There is further breast enlargement, but there is no distinction of the areola from the contour of the underlying breast.

T4 - 2 to 3 years - the areola now moves away from the contour of the underlying beast and rises up. When looking from the side there is a distinct separation of the two structures. Breast tissue continues to grow.

T5 - Up to 5 years. Areola moves back and flattens out but not completely. The diameter of the areola reaches its maximum. The breast reaches mature size and fullness. 


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