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Hi and thank you for this site, I look forward to making new friends and who I am on this journey x

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Hi everyone, I am Azriel, I come from the usa, and.... yeah. Anyone having a good day?

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I'm glad to have found this space.  I began my transition after a partner (who is since an ex-partner) supported and encouraged me to be the me I had been contemplating for 41 years. I have now moved, retired, changed jobs, come out to family and friends (some accept, some not), and belong to women's sports leagues, connect with the clubs that once new the other me, joined a reconciling church, have had GA Surgery (facial only) and been on HRT for 18 months.  I couldn't be happier.  I look forward to learning what this site can do for us as a community and what friends I may find here. I am in the Portland / Vancouver area if anyone wants to know.

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@brina Welcome to TGH Brina, there is so much at this site for you to enjoy and take part in. I'm sure you will make friends!

Take a few minutes to tell us a little about you in you helps people to get to know you.

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