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Snow White goes to work for the Government

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The Woman Inside, Lauren's Journey

And before you know it, Halloween has come and gone. Time keeps racing along and it’s November! It has already been another month since I last posted!

I have to tell you that I’ve been feeling quite exhausted lately. I’ve been spending a lot of time and mental energy working on my book, which has involved much intense delving into my memory banks along with digging up as much information as I can find about being an intersex person.

I’ve actually met several people here in Victoria who are intersex, and have been in contact with several others online. Three of the people locally work in the same place that I work at. That’s not a coincidence as they say that out of every 100 people you meet, one of them will be an intersex individual.

So bear with me as my search continues, along with remembering things I’d hidden in the back of my mind long ago. My current goal is to have this thing wrapped up by the end of this year.

I did take an enjoyable and fun break when they announced a charitable Halloween Costume Contest at my workplace.

All proceeds going to PECSF which then is directed to the Red Cross. PECSF, Provincial Employees Community Service Fund, also known as the Community Fund, is an annual fundraising campaign that helps BC Public Service employees support local charities.

Last year at Halloween, I was directed by the girls upstairs to come as Snow White, which I did, with a costume that simply didn’t work well. So it was suggested that I come again as Snow White, and I found an online site that has real nice costumes. They had actual Disney Snow White costumes, and I ordered one. Last night I was told by a friend who had worked in the costume department at Disneyland, that my costume is the one they wear at Disneyland! It fit me like a glove, and I won a 1st place!

In my public photo page I've put a new photo of Snow White going to work for the Government, wondering where her Dwarves are.

Until next time, hugs girls,

Lauren 🦋

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@reallylauren Outstanding Lauren, our lives are such beautiful things, even with all the twists and turns. And at the end of the day, we look back, and realize, it wasn't so bad, and most of the twists and turns turned out a-ok.... But, one question; you didn't mention the Seven Dwarfs..... Snow White has to have her seven henchmen..... LOL

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Yes, Princess!

As You Wish!

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Hi Lauren,

What beautiful journey.

Thank you for sharing.

Terri Anne

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Thanks for sharing this story Lauren.



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