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a joyful chat with neighbors

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hi girls

this was unexpected blessing I thought I'd share. the last 2 weeks have been hard here, very negative thoughts, family unaccepting of just earings n long nails, mom pouting n telling me obviously she needs to worry how to answer her friends questions of her parenting errors, similar to 1 sibling telling me what is he supposed to tell friends, his brother is now this thing that is deserving of jail n he'll for being a today I had a nice experience I thought I'd share


I was outside in sweats m baggy shirt over my ddds n saw neighbor out so we traded waves. he walked closer so j met him by fence n he asked how I know a bit confusing but hey..he asked gentle questions n reassured me 6 times, we don't care what you wear or what's between your legs, you seem like a good person n that's what counts to us, if you ever need anything, or a shoulder or whatever, call us or come over..I almost cried..told him how unaccepting family has been. he said dont they know the suicude rate is astronomically high n theyre plsying with fire by not accepting yoh? no they dont or theyrs good with it, i dont know. well, were not. youre fine. call or come by anytime.

he had gently asked how I knew..I told him since I was in teens I knew something'd look at pretty girls n want to be with them..but I always wanted the cute outfits they wore n to look as good in it as they did..n I admired their cute sexy bodies n wanted my own set of breasts to jiggle n cute ass I tight shorts..

then I read some books..n I had a recognizing moment n a new identity

hugs to you all

seems there is still kindness in the world, even towards us. thank the good Lord.


hugs to all



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