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Alternate Reality (JMG1)

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This may not have nothing to do with reality but more of just what I think about.

One on the thoughts that I ponder is life as a play.


So I grew as a man thinking I had to be a man cause though I felt different, I had the core idea that changing or wishing to change my sex, is impossible. To this day that is an issue I deal with. Basically this is my real dysphoria. Having to live the stereotypical mans life. I am not going to to explain what I mean about that cause what is a real man? But the idea I can never be a cis woman. Yet really is that what I want in the first place.

Now I am at the time in my life that I have made steps to at least deal with the dysphoria by taking medication to feminize my body and mind. So at least I can possibly ease the issue and make life more tolerable. And I do feel this is the right direction to go. Now I am faced with the same issue as before. Acting the stereotypical idea of a what a woman is. And again I am not going to explain what a woman is cause what is a woman?

So basically by fixing one issue I create a new one similar to previous issue. And now I have to ask myself, Why is this an issue?

Please keep comments short and personal thoughts.

Thank you!



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Jasmine, just be the stereotypical 'you'.... Isn't anything else an emotional mask. I am learning each and everyday to just throw off what society expects, and just be what I need.... Michelle

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While I understand how your dilemma works, but in general, my thought process is that it I can't define "it", I don't know what I've missed by not having "it". For me that is usually enough to stop the potentially endless speculation...

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Jan Morris, a trans-woman wrote a book entitled "Conundrum." To be sure such is our lot is it not?





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