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Early memories

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Early memories I have have knowing was when I was 7 years old,Started with mom treating me as one of the girls and never did this to my 3 older brothers.I remember her one day she brought home a dress that she bought from a second hand store.Handed it to me to try it on and did.I felt ok wearing it at first.Then it was another dress,two tops and skirts.I did get to starting to like it and the crossdressing began.I knew that I liked the girl's clothes more as I got older and mom noticed it.Mom and I had the talk and was a good one.I was 16 at the time.After that seen a therapist that saw I had some gender dysphoria issues.It was during that I wanted to live and dress as a girl.Cleaned out my room of male clothing and shoes.The Femme stuff stayed.Had a hard time finding a stylist that would style my hair,mom's would not touch it at all.4th time was the charm,told mom bring me in.Curled it and I loved it.Mom saw it too by the look on my face.Nails and a makeup session was done too.My brothers were told to welcome a new sister in their life.They did and saw me as one,still do to this day.My dad,it was tough for him,it took him about 4 months to accept it that one son of his became a much happier daughter.Mom was happy to have a daughter in her life too and we have a great mother and daughter relationship to this day.I am never going back to my old life as male.


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