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Opening up to a friend I met

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Opening up to a good friend of mine I met was good and we are still friends.Her name is Lauren and met her into my first year of my transition.Lauren is a pre op MTF transsexual too and her story was like mine.She grew up wanting to become a woman one day holding it in growing up,it was after her dad and older brother took their lives by suicide.She came out at 18 as well and has her mom in her life still.Was into her first year of her transition as well.I did tell her I was transitioning too and a good friendship to this day happened.Shown pictures of me before I transitioned to her and she shown me pictures of her before she transitioned.I am glad to have Lauren in my life as a friend knowing she was like me.I have met her mom and she is one nice lady.She did support Lauren during her transition.Also is glad to see Lauren has a friend that understands her.My mom has met Lauren including her mom and is proud of me.My mom and Lauren's mom are close too,know both have sons that became a beautiful happy woman.

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It is ALWAYS good to hear stories about parental support. Sadly, there are too many who don't get to experience that. It is a situation where everyone loses...


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