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The Day I got a Perm

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Hi All

Just another memory from adulthood this time.

It was a hot summers day, that hot even sun lovers stayed in the shade. The streets were empty of people and cars, just me ambling up the street in a foul mood due to GD. Feeling my should length thick hair swaying with every step I took made my mood lighten slightly, but my hair was full of split ends, this was annoying me some. Before the turning in to my road stood a small hairdresser saloon. I glanced in the window, I couldn’t see any customers, the hairdressers was empty. In that moment unconsciously, quicker that a flash I swung the door open and stepped in. What am I doing popped into my head, the hairdresser peered at me over the top of the magazine she was reading. I froze, my mind said, turn and run, but I just stood there thinking of what to say.


 “can I help you” asked the hairdresser without taken her eyes of me.


“ermm, yes I have a perm please” I stood there waiting for the snigger or laughter. But the hairdresser just pointed an inviting finger to the chair in front of the sink, as she delicately placed the magazine down with her other hand. I moved towards the chair, looking in the mirror over the sink. I watched the scruffy image of myself in male clothing getting larger and larger until all that could be seen in the mirror when I sat down was my shoulders and head.


“don’t get many men wanting a perm, come to think of it never had one ask” said the hairdresser with a smirk.


“Oh, it’s for a bet” I blurted out.


“ok dear, place your head over the sink”


That was that, not much was said between us as she did the perm. From what I can remember is I enjoyed getting the perm done and at the time felt overwhelming ease within. This did not last long because I just got ridiculed by my family and the perm ended up being really tight curls. Which made me look like an old wire brush so ended up getting my hair short not long after. That was the day I got a perm. Must have been about twenty-seven or eight and about two and a halve years after leaving the army.

Love to All

Lucy Liz

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What an experience, lucy. I got a perm a long time ago, to cellebrate graduating from college. I was in my mid 40s. My hair is normally poker straight, and when it was curled, I loved it.
A neighbor's wife, looked at me and said, "You clean up nice."
That made my day.I'd already had my ears pierced so it was a great experience for me, too.

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Lucy, I must confess, I have never gotten a perm. I would like one at some point, but I'm not sure how well it would last with my thin whispy hair. I am trying to make sure I get my hair done every 8 weeks. And at 64, I need to keep it colored or I look like some really old curmudgeon.... Michelle


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