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The Reasons I picked Julie as my femme name.

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Julie is a girly name. So it tells the world you are a woman! Why did I pick it? Well here is the new answer. Julie is a baby girl name of Latin and Greek origin. Most commonly associated with the Latin word Iūlius meaning "youthful", this name is a light and airy choice to celebrate baby's childlike innocence. Also related to the Greek word ioulos, Julie is a soft, cute word to describe a fluffy or "downy-bearded" dove. Plus, this name isn't going anywhere thanks to the acclaimed actress Julie Andrews, known for her starring roles in Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, and Princess Diaries. Between that and my Mom's friend Joseph telling me on February 17, 2024.
Julie can be associated with the famous actor Judy Garland! She's the actor that played Dorothy in the wizard of oz. She had a large fan base in the gay community and became a gay icon. She stood among gay men that admired her ability as a performer, the way her personal struggles mirrored those of gay men in the United States during the height of her fame and her value as a camp figure. In the 1960s, a reporter asked how she felt about having a large gay following. She replied, "I couldn't care less. I sing to people!"
Julie can also be associated with Singer and actress Julie Andrews has long been famed for her
perfect pitch and impressive vocal range.
I am glad the name Julie popped in my head one day. Cause I didn't know and forgot the meaning of Julie and what it can be associated with girlfriend

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Julie is a beautiful name. Your explanation is very interesting, Julie. Julie Andrews is lovely. Judy Garland, too. Besides, the name also brings to my mind Julie Newmar, the Gatúbela (Catwoman) I once dreamed of being, from the 1960s Batman television series. 


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