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I been on mtf hrt  estradiol and spironolactone or 2 years in July.  I love the changes i received so far. My breast are getting bigger and the bulge in my pants is getting smaller. I feel better emotionally. I have not socially transition and I am fine with that and my gf iikes the changes as well.

I still not out to others yet and am happy with presenting as a male to other and have no really plans to transition full time Curious if others have felt like me or been in a similar situation and how long did you keep it from others before they started to notice. 

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@liketodress2 Congratulations on you two year journey.  It appears you are doing what is best for you, and that is what counts.  I am just starting on HRT, but my journey will be similar to yours.  Continue feminine growth.

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Congratulations on your 2 years on HRT!

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Interesting. When I decided to come out, it was more of an explosion rather than a wimper. The last vestige of maleness disappeared within 2 years and it was only because i was a Snr Manager of over 30 staff and i was afraid of the ramifications. So i took them all out for lunch and announced my transness. That was met with numerous BS comments but non the less, two weeks of leave followed by a return to work as "me" convinced them.

A lifetime of suppression, fear, hiding and guilt meant i would never be satisfied with half measures. I'm not saying what you are doing is wrong. Just that I couldn't do that. The woman in me was strong and fighting to come out in all ways possible.

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First, congratulations of being on Hrt for a couple years now. We all are unique and their is no set schedule you have to keep on your journey. Your path to happiness is your own. Some jump in full speed ahead and others might go slower or even pause for a bit. Plenty of factors effect how you move forward. So enjoy your journey and don't let anyone influence your path to happiness. 




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