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Are you "Transgender" or "Woman" (or "Man")?

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I've been wondering how many people that transition (or are transitioning) no longer identify as transgender, and how many use that identifier in public or in certain situations.

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I am who I am. Labeled male at birth but female in my mind and heart. I just want to be who I am without the pressure to 'pass' because when I look in the mirror and see Joy I smile and say I like you. When I'm in 'guy' mode it feels like I'm looking at a stranger.


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I am me. who I was will never change, but who I will be always is changing. I cannot change who I was born as, and I have to accept it.

That being said, even after I transition, even if I have bottom surgery, I will prefer to be referred to as who I am then, but willing to be open and honest about who I was.

I cannot change who I was. I can only work to change who I will be.

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With transition, I would consider myself, fully, a woman and that's how I would present & identify with new contacts. However, there is family & there are people with whom I would still need to associate that knew me as male. I'd have no choice but to identify as transgendered with them.

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I think there are many answers that could be made here.

My transition is not complete and still waiting for the virus chaos to end so it surgey can be scheduled. Three appoinments canceled in the past three months for the run up meeting with all staff involved in the procedure.

When I found it essental to tell my family, and specifically with my son and daughter, I told them that I can only be their father until the day I die albeit I didn't wish to be 'outed' in public by using that word. In private my daughter will call me Dad. My son cannot agree to meet me in person and the present situation keeps it from being possible in addition. But I have good relationships with both as with the whole of my family.

I have no issue discussing who I am with anyone if they approach that with respect. I divulge my history to those I like and want in my life and only them. I know that a number of people are aware I am Transgender and fine with that being the case.

My perspective is that no other person goes about thier daily life feeling they need to explain who they are! Why should I? While I use the word Transgender to describe myself to many, I am a person who has made my choice of how I choose to life it.Β  By subscribing to 'Tags' we play the game os isolation, division etc and one which I have contenton with. A tool of the media and ruling forces that can plant concepts and bad thoughts about u and other sectors of the humanity. Watch the documentary Disclosure,about and made by trans people, to see what I mean for yourself. Imagine what a powerful force we could be if we were able to unite as one, we would be a very large and powerful group to face with and try to control
Stay strong ladies and have faith and belief in yourself xx

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I have no problem revealing my being transgender, but it's not my lead story.Β  Basically it's on a need to know basis.Β  If it somehow builds up a relationship either business, friend, romantic or otherwise then I will likely reveal it.Β  If it could be destructive of such then why do it?Β  But, to the question about community.Β  I have no problem representing community as a member, whether I do it as an advocate I'm not sure.Β  I'd need some convincing to go there.

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Great poll question. This is a question hugely on my mind right now. I'm known to a lot of people in my community and people are going to notice as my changes take place. I think it would be easier to leave the past behind if I could but that might hurt the people I'm close with and in my case it's not really possible. I'm 6 weeks into hrt so trans here I come!

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Wow such great comments so far. I especially like Joy's line about seeing a stranger in the mirror in male mode. I have those feelings as well, and when I look at JaiymeLynne I see myself, if that makes sense. I think people from my past will have to know, then if they accept me, I will accept that. New people in my life, as I get to know, build relationships, if I get close enough I think I would come out as transgender. If Iwere to have GRS, then I believe I am a woman then, and would live as and be a woman to everyone. Not sure if that is in my future, but things change as we move along the path.

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