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Are you "Transgender" or "Woman" (or "Man")?

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Hello...I'm sorry, I'm going against the grain and all that but here it is... I wouldn't hide my past life..after i get the guts to come out..but i wouldn't offer the information either, except to a lover or friend. I'm a girl..I'm going to be a girl, transition and all..and i don't think anyone except a lover or friend needs to know. If someone asks, I will probably tell them.

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Interesting, and something I’ve thought a lot about lately.  I agree that certainly I would be a woman. But having carried this burden my entire life and seeing how acceptance is slowly making its way through society, I feel that the best way to support my sisters is to speak out, to be an advocate whenever the chance arises.  I know it’s a personal choice, but I feel that transphobia and discrimination will not subside unless people forcefully speak out.  I would like to be part of that change.

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"I would like to be part of that change."


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Right now, I'm a man
Once I start on HRT I would consider myself trans
When  pass, I will consider myself a woman, that is my goal.

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Stefanya: You have described a lot of my feelings. I first realized at age 6 that I would rather be female but my family and community would have ostracized me if I had articulated my feelings.  I finally "came out at age 64 with gender affirming surgery at age 66.

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Hey Gabby, IMO It's never to late to be yourself.

I was a late bloomer too: Only came out to myself in therapy in 2016 at age 56. Started transition in 2018. 100,000% the best thing I ever did for myself.



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After much pondering, working to reconcile my gender dysphoria with my orthodox Christain faith, which is as much a part of who I am as is my genuine sense of understanding myself to be something other than what I am genetically; i.e. male, I have  reached this conclusion.

I am gender broken. All the evidence shows that I am objectively, genetically, and biblically male, yet for all my life, from my earliest childhood memory until this very moment, inwardly I have not been at peace with the evidence. Something is not "right". My sense of inner self is that I am very much a woman.

Thus I am, through no fault of my own gender broken. I liken this condition; gender brokenness which creates to varying degrees gender dysphoria, to be much like Down's Syndrome or some other similar and "unfortunate" genetic or congenital condition. Unfortunate is in quotes for I know far too many such people and their families who are much more beautiful people because such condition was theirs to manage. And they did so in such a way as to make it a huge positive in their lives. None that I know of "like" the condition, but all know that being faced with the confition and managing it well has made them better people.

I am gender broken. For various reason I choose to manage my condition heretofore apart from transition. However were I ever able to transition within the experience of an inner peace to do so I would do so in an instant.

To live my dream of relating to others and being related to by others as a woman would be sublime. I would be the most demure, modest, gracious woman who happens to be trans that I could be.

Whether I look like a man or look like a woman I can not escape the truth that I am gender broken; the in vogue term being trans. However according to Scripture I am  fearfully and wonderfully made such by God. Therefore  I embrace now and in the future the truth that I am a woman at heart. Trans is simply a term that more precisely defines the womanhood I have been given to live out.

Transition to full time womanhood or not I am now and will always be a woman who is trans.




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I used to say to myself 'I wish I was a woman'. But eventually I realised, I am a woman, not physically but in all other senses. That gave me great peace. The acceptance of who I am.

Samantha earlier in the thread described it perfectly in my opinion.

Yes so that makes me transgender. But I don't identify as that.

If and when I transition finally. I will be a woman with no desire to be identified as anything else.

I am a woman.

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