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How and when to tell the kids

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I'm 49... will be 50 in a few months. My wife loves me dearly, and together we have 7 kids. 2 are mine biologically, and 5 hers. Her oldest knows and my oldest knows, (both girls), that I am transitioning. However, we have 5 others and we're trying to decide when to tell them. My wife is more eager to tell them sooner, as she hates to see my struggle hiding it from them. I'll be honest, yes, I'm nervous. I've told a few others outside the family so far, (mixed review), although I'm on HRT and things will develop eventually where I can no longer hide them... We both have court cases/legal issues pending with custody and my "go-to" is to play it safe... I'd love some advice. I want to be Chelsea, all the time, but I don't want her kids or my son who doesn't know to be weirded out or pushed away. The kids are 10, 10, 11, 11, 13, 14, and 17. .. the 13 year old and 17 year old know.... I'm just nervous and scared.

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I will admit that I have no particular information to share, but I believe that has come up before. I suggest that you search around the site and see what hits you get...

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Chelsea, wow, seven kids. You both have your hands full. I tip my hat to you. I have a 41 year old daughter and two sons, aged 10 & 9. I know, go figure.... my daughter was easier, I just told her. The two boys were a little different. Given who they are, and knowing how they think, I took the logical approach. I explained ho my physical self was changing, and how I was thinking mentally about things differently. And that I had seen doctors and that the doctors were going to help me be someone that helps match the mental and physical changes that are occurring. They understood and accepted that. And they still do. Hugs, Michelle


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