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OMG Kardashian vs Monroe

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A year ago, June 2022, Kim Kardashian in a publicity stunt wore Marilyn Monroe's dress that she wore during the famous singing event to president Kennedy "Happy Birthday Mr President"

This was an uproar at the time, but as I do not watch this type of thing I only now saw it. I am personally very interested in Monroe and have done a ton of character study on her. Now that dress sold in 1999 for 1.2 million $$$, then ended up in a museum if I am correct. The museum lent it too Kardashian just for the photo shoot. Also Marilyn had to be sewn into the dress and went completely commando under it, yes no under wear or anything but skin. They did use every precaution when putting Kim in the dress such as gloves and scrubbing Kim down and trying not to ruin the dress. We all know Kim and Marilyn are different body types, Kim a soft natural, Marilyn a romantic type. This brings to question about fabric stretching and destruction. Also Monroe and Kim have two different skin shades making the dress not fulfill it's goal of looking like just rhinestones on flesh as it did on Marilyn. Plus Kim though as much as she tries she is not like Monroe in personality or life or in style. Finally would having Kim wear the dress ruin some of the historicity of the garment as it was such a famous piece that is part of history. Like would the French let me wear Joan of Arc's armor if I was rich and famous enough?

So what are your thoughts?


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Yes, I agree with your thinking on this issue. No match to the type of personality or anything between the two. I'm extremely surprised the museum would do that in the first place!  Kind of makes me wonder what the museum values more.

Sure, the Kardashians may have a huge following but, they're not Marilyn. I think I'll leave it there before I get myself banned or disliked even more.


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I really dont think she deserved to wear it.She can hold a "candle" to Miss Norma Jean!!!!

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Personally, I agree with you Kim Kardashian should not have been allowed to wear that dress!


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