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If you meet someone that really grabs your interest, do you hi? Yes or NO Poll is created on Jan 05, 2024


Should you say hi and be friendly ?

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I was on my way home from work and popped into the bookstore at the mall for the latest T V Guide issue. When I started to get close to the check-out, I noticed that the cashier was dressed really cute. Purple satin shorts with pretty lace trimmings around the legs, white cotton long sleeve crop top. Seeing her belly button peek out from just above the waistline of her shorts was very cutesy. A pair of perfectly white tennis shoes completed the outfit. As she scanned the barcode on my magazine, I noticed that it was very apparent that she was not embarrassed about being a boy. Her close-cropped blond boy hair was not covered by a wig. She had minimal makeup on. Maybe just a little blush on her cheeks. Her earrings were gorgeous!! Two large diamond studs. I guessed her age to be about 30. I was still dressed in my drab security guard uniform. I noticed that there was nobody in line behind me, so I broke the ice. During our transaction I had the opportunity to lock eyes with her and smile broadly. Before I walked away, I told her that I loved her cute outfit. She smiled and said her name was Cindy. I told her my name was "Barbie". She got a confused look on her face but that quickly changed to a look of understanding. She smiled and winked at me as I exited the store. So, my answer is  "yes"  you should never miss an opportunity to meet a new friend. 
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@barbiegoldwin I think it works in both ways. It is a good thing to be nice to people and to recognize them, but it is even better to have that recognition reflected.

We must remember that Hu-Mans are social creatures. Usually we are lifted up by positive interaction. It doesn’t have to turn into friendship, but there is a good feeling when there is a moment of interaction.

Since this past summer I have been a docent at the Palm Springs Air Museum. Specifically, I am in our F-117 hangar Friday mornings and all day Sundays. What I usually do is greet people when they come in, give them some background about the plane and information about the specific one that we have. At that point many are ready to see what there is to see. I highlight what other F-117 related memorabilia that we have in the hangar and turn them loose. But sometimes the visitors have questions and want to talk more and that’s fine with me.

Sometimes when the traffic is slow or nearing the end of the day, people just want to talk more about the plane and I’m very happy to do that as it becomes more of a conversation. There are lots of interesting aspects about the plane and the whole project that are not obvious just from looking at it. But, none of these conversations would likely not have taken place without me making the first move. As I said, we Hu-Mans like contact and interaction and that’s what makes it fun for me. It also gets reflected back to me because sometimes our visitors were part of the Lockheed-Martin Skunk Works and worked on the plane in some way of they worked for a subcontractor like the engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney. The result is that it increases my knowledge.

Anyway, however it happens, it all comes down to human interaction and sharing what we know and have experienced.

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Thanks Barbie,

Very good example of what we should be doing.

You made her day! 😘 


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It was a very meaningful gesture for Cindy. Although I don't think that I, for now, would have dared.

But life is unpredictable. 

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I met Josie at a cigar bar last year on my birthday she was at the bar and I immediately recognized her as transgender  I struck up a conversation with her and now we’re good friends we text every week and I spent New Year’s Eve with her back at the bar this year 


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