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Granted, TGH is not for minors, but many of us either have transgender children, or know someone who does. And this is kinda geared to them, at least on the surface.

We all read recently of the issues in some states and school districts, that the school staff and teachers can no longer use the child's preferred name, but only their given name. Okay, so does that mean Bradley cannot be called Brad? Or Samantha cannot be called Sam? What kid doesn't go by some degree of nickname; even if the skinny kid is called 'bean pole'? Come on, get serious.....

Okay, I'm not really one that enjoys 'yard work', but in this case I will make an exception and get in the weeds with you. So, we don't call it the 'preferred name' anymore; we call it a 'nickname'. Sure, it isn't what we'd like, but it's a start to show just how stupid and unenforceable the issue is in trying to control someone's name. Besides, it is their name, and not yours.

So, I will happily call anyone by whatever 'nickname' (wink, wink, nod, nod) they prefer. Well, up to a point so long as it doesn't carry some bad connotation...... Y'all have fun, and stay safe out there, Michelle


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