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That is a pretty huge statement to start an article with, and a challenge given to myself to make sense of a few, but powerful, words. It may require you to take a leap of faith, but one I believe shall be worthy.

To head this in the right direction, I wish to share that all the things essential to our life are already within our reach. They are so close that we may struggle to understand them, or perhaps even to disagree. However it sits with you is fine, as this realisation can enter our life at any point or not at all. That is just how life plays out.

To provide an example; this concept is similar to the idea that nothing has ever really been discovered. We can discover something that is hidden or has been lost (for anything to be discovered, it has to first exist), otherwise it could never be revealed in our 3D world. A discovery is simply a new concept or understanding of something that pre-exists that has entered our reality, something that was already there. Within the use of language, it allows this concept to be invited and described as a discovery in our world.

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For example; the atom described by Newton when compared to the description that is accepted in science today. Newton’s belief was that electrons were in an orbit around a nucleus of protons and neutrons, in similarity to the planets revolving around the sun. A predictable path with little change. Today, we accept that the volume of an atom is 99.9999999999999% space and 0.0000000000001% matter where electrons freely move around matter.

Not to get too lost in science, I come back to the things we can know, where they exist and how to discover them. The good news is, they are right under our noses, or to be more precise, we can find them within each one of us. It really is that straightforward.

Finding them is quite something different, unsurprisingly! If you thought they would be so easy to find when you began reading this, I am afraid that is the not so good news. But don’t let that deter you. The challenge in our world today is to find the calm and peace that allows us to locate it within ourselves.

Modern life is at a pace where it can feel as if there aren’t enough hours in the day, or that we struggle to keep our heads above the waves of turbulent waters in which we swim through life. There is not coincidental as monks live as they do to find that essence within themselves. In brightening up the outlook, we are all able to achieve a similar understanding.

Living a long life can by itself allow such knowledge to become present by the mere passage of time, although this is not a guarantee. The process requires that we choose to seek it and devote the time to finding it.

Becoming your true self

A large part of this is embedded within us, and we can reveal it when we choose or become our true self. That requires total acceptance, honesty, and a love for ourselves. Nothing less is acceptable. By doing so, we work towards aligning our being, our inner self, a harmonious and centered state of the physical and spiritual self that can open new horizons in our lives.

If you have read this far, you may conclude that this might be a little farfetched, (which I can understand.) Ten years ago, I would have reacted in that manner. My words are based on the personal experience of life and what I can create within it and myself. Not that I am exceptional in any regard, only that my life journey has taken me along this path.

If we create time for ourselves to seek and go within, there is much to be learned, which can change and improve our lives, along with attaining a sense of wellbeing. There are many ways we can move towards this. We can spend time connecting with nature—enjoying and appreciating it. We can take time to be alone, partake in quiet surroundings or in meditation, or in any activity that allows the complete absorption of the mind in a Zen-like way. Many do this without realising it. Its why pleasure can be found in pastime activities we enjoy fully; to become lost in them.

Coming back to a key point, the one I consider to be the most critical aspect of this article; being our true self. I cannot stress this enough. It could be the single most life changing and powerful thing we can create in our lifetime.

We are in a world right now that needs every ounce of help it can receive on so many levels. By being our true self, we can be better placed to be of value in a positive and constructive way. Unencumbered by the trappings and pressures of society and empowered in the knowledge of the true self.

With this comes the core and sacred values of life that comprise gratitude, love, and compassion. Where war, violence and aggression do not have a place in our hearts and minds. We must believe this to be possible and speak those words in truth, to create the reality and future of this planet, our home and sanctuary.

I send you my love and sincere best wishes to all for a happy and fulfilled life.

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    Jonnie Bigelow 7 months ago

    Thank you. Seek to be your highest, best self, and transmit that into our world. War, violence and aggression are all fear based. We are here because we chose to be and we learn all the time through our experiences. We can choose the highest good and love, rather than fear, and when we do that we lift all the people around us. We are already moving to a world without fear, it just takes time. Blessings Sophie and all who read this.

    • ' class='avatar avatar-100 photo' height='100' width='100' /> Author
      SophieFR 7 months ago

      Dear Jonnie,
      Thank you so much for reading my article and posting your kind words. I could not have wished to engage with another here in any better way. You clearly understood the messages I incorporated into my text. You encourage me that perhaps there are more people out there that have the same understanding of how we need to live our lives, to bring about a better world and change for good, love and peace.
      Love and hugs

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