Feminine Bra Secrets

Hello fellow angels.  In our own little slice of heaven, Tia is at it again writing about our breasts and yes, I admit having a slight infatuation with their appearance, especially mine.

OK, OK I wish for F’s or G’s, guilty as charged, but in my CD years of carrying Tia around in a suitcase I ran into some incredible stuff people have done to help us as well as my own creations. Here is a  “10”+

We must first examine why current bras don’t fit our bodies! The answer is obvious girls. Our bodies don’t fit the bra. Here’s why. (I found this out from, believe it or not, a surgical nurse who was on my English dart team). Everyone knows that males are not so different; we are conceived female and change 1 1/2 – 2 months into gestation from female.  The nurse, Annie stated a female’s chest muscles develop in a teardrop shape, allowing their membrane separation in the bottom to be lower but their aureole/nipple position develops much higher, allowing for the formation of their lower breast pouch.

The male chest muscles develop flat along the bottom, affording us more muscle mass, which runs the entire length of the membrane and separates our upper torso, and in turn forms our chest thus lowering our aureole/ nipple position. It also affects the measurement process, and that is why we don’t fit into female bras.

Being transgender requires a longer training period for our breasts to grow/develop in a female way. Because of this, she assured me, is where things can, and often do go very wrong for M2F’s—if you let them go on their own.

All bras that I researched for us are of the sport bra type. They keep our breasts close and tight to our bodies, which is good for growth, but bad for wearing appealing tops to show what we have.  No one and I mean no one makes a bra for us to show our current development for those occasions where we want to wear those more revealing tops. A bra for us to wear that actually fits how it should. I happened on a woman by chance who did create one for me/us.

My BFF’s niece, Allison took on a part time job at Marshall’s Dept. store in my local mall, which was just currently Hudson’s (until the buyout) while in college. She was hired for a position in ladies’ apparel by a woman named Josephine. Josephine has been employed at Hudson’s/ Marshall’s since 1974. I learned she has a Trans son (MTF). She went my old church. Allison informed me that she caters to many TG, TV, and TS’s

Upon meeting Josephine, I remembered her as the loud, proud, and drunken crazy woman at my grandma’s funeral wake, but said nothing. I explained my dilemma and told her what I required. After measuring me as a 42 “D” she disappeared for a minute, returning with a 40/42 “C” cup wire support bra. She already knew what the nurse told me for my measurement. Her modification was in my face and so simple, I giggled.

The bra she modified right in front of me fit so well, I stood in amazement. It worked like a sport bra, but lifted and supported. My girls also moved as I walked. It was like I became a woman in two minutes. OMG, when I handed her my credit card she looked at it, then me, the card again and walked away. She returned a long moment later.  I asked her how much it was!  She softly said, “Jo Jo is taking care of you as I promised Pearl (my grandma) if you ever came to me for any help. I was one of three who knew of your existence as intersex” and kept it a close secret for your safety as Gay, lesbian, and pedophile murders weren’t even investigated in the 60s.” (Now remembering my mom hated grandma’s Bingo buddy Jo Jo immensely.)

Jo Jo went on, “I recognized your last name and took so long to look at your last picture (boot camp) Pearl gave me.” She pinched my cheek (she’s 82 girls) and told me how beautiful of a woman I would have been. I began to sob telling her I only found out 20 months ago.

We spoke until closing time. She gave me so much in so little time. She never charged my card, so I wanted to thank her. Two months later, I called Allison for Jo Jo’s work schedule only to learn she had passed from Cancer only a week earlier. I found out where she was buried, and when I arrived to pay my respects, I wondered how hard it was going to be to find her marker.  I simply lost it. I mean a faucet broke causing my eyes to gush tears, girls.  I saw a pile of bras draped over her Tombstone with the names of all the girls that she had helped. There were so many I could barely see the stone.  Appropriately, I removed my bra under my shirt and hung it on her Tombstone, bawling my eyes out. She was quite simply an awesome person in life, and now all will get to enjoy a little piece of her in death.


1)  Measure yourself properly and subtract 1 cup size from what you came up with.

2)  Buy a wire support bra, (not a push-up) once again one cup size under your measured size.

“The following is what I witnessed”

She took a pair of scissors and made 2 cuts, one at each end of the bra, (arm side) exposing the wire and removing it. She then cut slits in the track where the wire ran remarking, 38″ and above use 3 cuts, 11, 12, and 1 o-clock; 36″ and below use 2 at 11 and 1 o-clock, and she made the cuts in the bottom up to the hem.

If you wish some cleavage—rub a good amount of Vaseline P/J on the inner cups. Now rub Coco butter on your breasts and allow it to soak in. Repeat; Coco butter, and when it’s tacky put your new bra on and sport them girls, “GURLS” (I use it and it works like a charm!)

If you more seasoned Angels have any creations for our newbies, as well as you newbies having any questions, write about them so everyone can benefit. We are all in this together…

Huggz Tia

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I found out late in life that I was born an intersex person. Because the world was a very different place when I was born my parents made me all male. I knew something was't right from the first time I was intimate but couldn't put a finger on it . Now I am developing / changing and even though I didn't conscientiously think about it my body is changing whether or not I want to. I have never been in any closet after finding out the information about my birth. I simply relayed it. Those who stayed in my life are few. This is one of the coolest things I have ever experienced. 13 months in I have Tanner 3 development happening with my breasts ("B/C") and something is changing down below deep inside me. It feels right in a way I cannot explain. I am to under-go surgery early next year. #Snoopy Dance I am a gifted person. I have 2 degrees and certifications in various trades. I am a pilot in recreational aircraft, a musician of 40-some years. (All Guitars). I am a meek and quiet person, a good listener and though I try to be a good friend, the people around me are adamant about trying to get me to remove my heart from my sleeve. I remain laid back and optimistic the're good people out there. I am LQQKing for a niche to fit in. The LGBT organization in my area is nothing more than a meat market for horny humans with a street-corner hierarchy. I hope the individuals here are different Xs Tia

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Meran Berwyck

I didn’t understand what followed after “The following is what I witnessed”, the cuts. I want to understand it and I have bras that I can experiment with. Can you reiterate or message me? Thanks for your article.

Terri Anne

Tia, Bless you and the beautiful soul of JoJo.
Thank so much for sharing this with us.
Terri Anne, xx

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