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Himmm,  I hesitated to participate in this discussion because I’m such a mix (I’m Intersex) but I promised myself that I would speak out in an effort to help others.  I have a woman’s body shape (breasts with cleavage, I’m hairless except for a small beard but have full scalp hair, higher octave speaking voice, 5ft  5inches stature, 125 pounds, lacking T but producing E,  a small penis that pees sideways (so  I sit).  I’m listed as a genetic male on my birth certificate and have a face like Mick Jagger’s grandmother.  When I was a child I told my mother that I thought I was made out of spare parts.  I didn’t look like or fit in with other children.  My Father was a big all city sports hero but I was a carbon copy of my mom. I was bullied and misgendered and never really understood why.  30 years ago I suddenly grew full B cup breasts and that was the first time I was examined and the word Intersex was introduced into my vocabulary.  I was told that my condition would proceed until my death and that I needed to learn to live with it.  I’ve had facial, nasal and neck surgery (my trachea and epiglottis aren’t correctly plumbed) and two hernia surgeries with a release of a testicle.  I think that surgery is a beneficial tool when used wisely.  I got electrolysis to remove my scattered beard follicles and now am scheduled for eye lids and brows.  So, what am I?  I’m sort of a man and sort of a woman but in both cases I really don’t fit the worldly definition of a manly man or a womanly woman.  So I’m just an Intersex person trying to have a life.  The surgeries that I had, made my life better and for the most part were necessary.   I usually live as a woman since that seems to work out best with my condition and causes the least disruption.  I don’t usually strip down in front of others except for my wife and Homeland Security (they always stop me).  I look like a small skinny woman.  I do pass and fail both ways and am very used to misunderstandings.  Would changing my plumbing from a small outie to a small innie make my life any different?  Probably not,  but it would have been great to have had an understanding of this condition when I was a child growing up.  Intersex medical knowledge at that time was not so advanced.  Someone once described me as a trans person with built in free prescriptions.  So I am what I am and am now OK with that.  I’ m just one of the 2% of the population with a type of Intersex condition and it’s good to finally have this condition be recognized.   Safe Journey,  Marg


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