Reply To: Does everyone want srs ?

DeeAnn Hopings

Yes, Alyce was an interesting character. Sometimes we would do a road trip and go thrifting for a day or go to have breakfast or lunch. A song song would play on the radio and she would ask if I had seen the video. The question would lead into a 10-15 minute discussion about the meaning of the location or a line in the song. I would chuckle to myself as I am a bit like that regarding motorsports. More than once as we sang to a song on the radio with the car windows up and the air conditioning on, I’m sure people looked at us and wondered “What are those old ladies doing?!?!”. Like we gave a shit!

I think the underlying point is that we never know when someone of lasting significance will come into our lives and when they will leave. The trick is to appreciate them while they are here, acknowledge their presence afterwards and the effect that they had on us.

As trans and intersex people, we always seem to be in opposition to someone or something. What’s important is that in the midst of struggle we maintain our sanity, sense of humor and sense of humility…

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