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“Being transgender isn’t about who you are attracted to, it’s about who you are. Just like a woman can be attracted to another woman and still be a woman, or a man can be attracted to other men and still be a man”
I too agree with this philosophy. I may have been living life as a confused, depressed and angry man, but my goal now is to transition to be a woman. The most relevant part of that sentence to me is the very last word. That is how I wish to continue life, and how I wish to be remembered. Yes, I will be a transgender woman, but after all is said and done ( literally considering what must be done!) I will be a woman. I am not particularly happy about assumptions that ‘therefore my sexuality must also change so that I fully represent a cis-woman’. Maybe that’s why my males friends feel uncomfortable now? I don’t doubt that for some people it is a viable choice, or maybe a psychological shift that brings about a change in perception, and attraction.
I was brought up in the 70’s and 80’s, and the only ‘female impersonators’, drag artistes, transvestites etc we saw on tv were gay men. I thought in the 21st century we were trying to steer away from this myth, not perpetuate it.
I don’t car what or who you are attracted to, and it is as irrelevant to me as what car you choose to drive as a TG woman.

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