Reply To: How Would You Describe How You Dress?


I dress in many ways… and Voted as My Age and Younger.

What I wear is conditional on many factors such as where I am wearing this to and going to be doing when I get there, what the weather is like, and what color or color combination I want to wear for that day.

My job for example is a job that I have to wear jeans, and because womens jeans pockets are too “annoyingly shallow ” I end up wearing mens jeans so that I have pockets to put things into as my pockets are used frequently with my job servicing machinery.

On my days off however and depending on the weather I have a wide variety of dresses, skirts, tanks, shirts, skorts, womens jeans and shorts, bras, makeup, jewelry, and shoes to pick from.

I wear age appropriate items in public, however if I am home lounging and not going out for the day I will wear my younger items which many would probably be like… your 46 years old and wearing what a 20 or 30 year old would be wearing? In that I love to put on my clothing that is common to what you would find in a Hot Topic store and Punk/Goth like with leg warmers over pantyhose or nylon stockings, a skirt that shows lots of leg, band t-shirt or tank top with a lace bra that if wearing tank top my bra straps show and sometimes one of them is drapped off a shoulder and resting on side of my upper arm, and I have a choker on and makeup, and my hair loose, pulled back in a pony tail, braided by my partner, or in a bandana as my arms I have striped black and pink, purple or another color arm warmers that my fingers stick out the front of and my thumbs poke out the hole at the side of them and they are worn between hands and elbows.

But I haven’t gone out yet looking like this because I can see it being too triggering for someone to making fun of me.

My friends will come by as I’m dressed as if I am a punk/goth girl in my 20’s – 30’s and they are all cool with it which is great. And my partner who is 31, her friends think its the coolest thing that I dress as I do and have a real taste for what goes with what and how to look great to the point that I helped my girlfriends girlfriend who stopped by to look great giving her a few items of mine to borrow for a while and so while I am 46 I so act like I am in my late 20s. And its fun to borrow clothing items between friends and sometimes have dress up parties to see what we can come up with for fun combinations that the younger girls will go out in public with the fun combinations, but I keep this appearance of myself confined to my home for now and chose to go out in age appropriate attire to avoid trouble makers who may age discriminate to younger style.

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