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Myself if they are total strangers I feel more comfortable around others around my age or a mix of ages with many my age or older vs if there was a bunch of people age 25 or less.

I think it comes down to my fear of someone stereotyping/ falsely labeling me as being a creepy transgender MTF in that they might be like why is this transgender MTF hanging around us unless there is some sort of creepy intent.

So the fears that others have in transgender MTF has me fearful of being falsely identified as someone creepy or a threat to others when I am not! I had a teaching position that I also had to quit when a teacher told me that they advised that I step down to protect myself from false accusations as transgender individuals are looked at as “Guilty until proven Innocent” and so I just don’t set myself up for any kind of trouble in a world that is so quick to falsely accuse or stereotype.

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